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    TV on DVD- The Lists: Drama, Adventure, Sci Fi

    I have decided to put up my 2nd list of TV on DVD info, this one is for Action series, Dramas, Sci Fi & Fantasy shows and Westerns. This TV on DVD stuff has turned into a weird sort of hobby for me. Its been a great experience looking back at all these classics (and some niche shows that probably wouldn't be classified as a classic but nonetheless were fun to watch ;)) and finding out what has and hasn't been released on DVD. In any event, here is the first part of the list covering the 50s, 60s and 70s:


    Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Seasons 1-6 of 7, Universal) (s6) MOD
    The Adventures of Superman (All 6 seasons, Warner Bros.)
    Bat Masterson (All 3 seasons, TGG Direct)
    Bronco (All 4 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Cheyenne (All 7 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Cimarron City (Complete series, Timeless Media Group)
    Death Valley Days (Seasons 1-3, 13 & 14 of 18, Timeless Media Group)
    (All 20 seasons, Paramount)
    Harbor Command (All 39 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    Have Gun - Will Travel (All 6 seasons, Paramount)
    Highway Patrol (All 4 seasons, S1- MGM (MOD) / S2-4- TGG Direct)
    The Lawless Years (All 3 seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    Laramie (All 4 seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    (All 4 Seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    The Lone Ranger
    (All 5 seasons, Classic Media** / S1&2- Universal)
    M Squad (All 3 seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    Mackenzie's Raiders (All 39 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    (All 5 seasons, Warner Bros.) (s3-5) MOD
    Mike Hammer (Both seasons, A&E Networks Home Entertainment)
    Naked City (All 4 seasons, Image Entertainment)
    Perry Mason (All 9 seasons + 30 TV Movies, Paramount)
    Peter Gunn (All 3 seasons, Timeless Media Group** / Shout! Factory)
    The Public Defender (Both seasons, ClassicFlix)
    (All 8 seasons, Paramount)
    The Real McCoys (All 6 seasons, S1-4- Infinity Entertainment** / S1&2- Inception Media Group / S3-6- SFM Entertainment)
    The Rebel (Both seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    The Rifleman (Seasons 1-4 of 5, Levy-Gardner-Laven Productions)
    Riverboat (Both seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    Science Fiction Theatre (Both seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    Sea Hunt
    (All 4 seasons, TGG Direct)
    Soldiers of Fortune (Both seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    State Trooper (All 3 seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    Sugarfoot (All 4 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    The Twilight Zone (Original) (All 5 seasons, Image Entertainment)
    The Untouchables (1959) (All 4 seasons, Paramount)
    The Gene Autry Show (All 5 seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    Wagon Train (All 8 seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    Wanted: Dead or Alive (All 3 seasons, BCI Eclipse** / Mill Creek Entertainment)
    Yancy Derringer (Complete series, Timeless Media Group)
    Zane Grey Theatre (Seasons 1-3 of 5, S1- VCI Entertainment** / S2&3- Timeless Media Group)
    Zorro (1957) (Both seasons, Disney)


    87th Precinct (Complete Series, Timeless Media Group)
    A Man Called Shenandoah (All 34 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    (All 7 seasons, S1- Universal / S2-7- Shout! Factory)
    Arrest and Trial (Complete Series, Timeless Media Group)
    Batman (All 3 seasons, Warner Bros.)
    Ben Casey (Season 1 of 5, CBS Home Entertainment) MOD
    The Big Valley
    (All 4 seasons, S1- FOX / S2-4- Timeless Media Group)
    The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (All 29 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    The Bold Ones: The New Doctors
    (All 44 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    The Bold Ones: The Protectors
    (All 7 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    (Seasons 1-10 of 14, Paramount)
    Burke's Law (Season 1 of 3, VCI Entertainment)
    Cimarron Strip (All 23 episodes, Entertainment One)
    COronado 9 (All 39 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    Coronet Blue (All 13 episodes, Kino Lorber)
    Combat! (All 6 seasons, Image Entertainment)#
    Dr. Kildare (All 5 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    The Dakotas (All 20 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Daktari (All 4 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Daniel Boone (All 6 seasons, Goldhil Home Media** / FOX** / Shout!) (FOX- MOD)
    Dark Shadows (All 6 seasons, MPI Home Video)
    The Defenders (Season 1 of 4, Shout! Factory)
    Destry (All 13 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    Dragnet (1967) (All 4 seasons, Shout! Factory)
    The Fugitive (All 4 seasons, Paramount)
    The Eleventh Hour (Season 1 of 2, Warner Bros.) MOD
    The F.B.I. (All 9 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Gentle Ben (Both seasons, Paramount)
    The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.
    (Complete Series, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Hawaii Five-O (All 12 seasons, Paramount)
    The High Chaparral (All 4 seasons, Shout! Factory)
    Hondo (All 17 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    I Spy (All 3 seasons, Image Entertainment** / Timeless Media Group)
    Ironside (Seasons 1-4 of 8, Shout! Factory)
    The Invaders
    (Both seasons, Paramount)
    It Takes a Thief (1968) (All 3 seasons, Entertainment One)
    Jericho (1966) (All 16 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot (All 26 episodes, Shout! Factory)
    Land of the Giants (Both seasons, FOX)
    Lost in Space (All 3 seasons, FOX)
    The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (All 4 seasons, CS- Time Life** / S1&2 + CS- Warner Bros.)
    Mr. Novak (Season 1 of 2, Warner Bros.) MOD
    (All 8 seasons, Paramount)
    Marcus Welby, M.D. (Seasons 1&2 of 7, Shout! Factory)
    Medical Center (All 7 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Mission: Impossible (All 7 seasons, Paramount)
    The Mod Squad (All 5 seasons, S1&2- Paramount** / S1-5- VEI)
    The Monroes (All 26 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    The Outer Limits (1963) (Both seasons, MGM** / Kino Lorber)
    Overland Trail (All 17 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    Peyton Place (163 of 514 episodes- 5 volumes, Shout! Factory)
    Rat Patrol (Both seasons, MGM)
    Ripcord (Both seasons, TGG Direct)
    Room 222 (Seasons 1&2 of 5, Shout! Factory)
    Route 66 (All 4 seasons, S1-3- Roxbury Entertainment** / S1-4- Shout! Factory)
    Sam Benedict (All 28 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Search (All 23 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Shane (All 17 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    Star Trek (All 3 seasons, Paramount)
    Tarzan (Both seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    The Guns of Will Sonnett (Both seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    The Tall Man
    (Both seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    The Virginian (All 9 seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    The Westerner (All 13 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    The White Shadow (Seasons 1&2 of 3, FOX)
    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (All 4 seasons, FOX)


    Alias Smith and Jones (All 3 seasons, Timeless Media Group)**
    Baa Baa Black Sheep (Both seasons, S1- Universal / S2- Shout! Factory)
    Banacek (Both seasons, Virgil Films and Entertainment)**
    Baretta (Season 1 of 4, Universal)
    Barnaby Jones (All 8 seasons, S1- Paramount** / S1-8- VEI)
    Battlestar Galactica (1978) (All 24 episodes, Universal)
    The Bold Ones: The Senator (All 8 episodes, Timeless Media Group)
    The Bionic Woman (All 3 seasons, Universal)
    Bronk (All 24 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
    (Both seasons, Universal)
    Cannon (All 5 seasons, S1-3- Paramount** / S1-5- VEI)
    Charlie's Angels (All 5 seasons, S1-5- Sony** / S1 + CS- Mill Creek Entertainment)
    CHiPs (All 6 seasons, Warner Bros.)
    Columbo (All 9 seasons + 13 TV Movies, Universal)
    Dallas (All 13 seasons + 4 TV Movies, Warner Bros.)
    Dan August (All 26 episodes, VEI)
    The Dukes of Hazzard
    (All 7 seasons + 2 TV Movies, Warner Bros.)**
    Eight is Enough (All 5 seasons, Warner Bros.) (s2-5) MOD
    Emergency! (All 7 seasons + 6 TV Movies, Universal)
    Fantasy Island (Seasons 1-3 of 9, S1- Sony / S2&3- Shout! Factory)
    Future Cop (All 8 episodes, Mill Creek Entertainment)
    The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
    (All 3 seasons, S1&2- Universal** / S3- Shout! Factory**)
    Hart to Hart (All 5 seasons + 8 TV Movies, S1&2- Sony / S3-5- Shout! Factory / Movie collection- Mill Creek Entertainment)
    How the West Was Won (All 3 seasons, Warner Bros.) (s3) MOD
    The Incredible Hulk
    (All 5 seasons, Universal)
    Knots Landing (Seasons 1&2 of 14, Warner Bros.)
    Kojak (All 5 seasons + 7 TV Movies, S1- Universal / S2-5 + TV Movies- Shout! Factory)
    Kolchak: The Night Stalker (All 20 episodes + 2 TV Movies, CS- Universal / TV Movies- MGM)
    Kung Fu (All 3 seasons, Warner Bros.)
    The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (Both seasons, Timeless Media Group)
    Little House on the Prairie (All 9 seasons + 4 TV Movies, Imavision#** / Lionsgate)
    Logan's Run (All 14 episodes, Warner Bros.)
    Longstreet (All 23 episodes, VEI)
    Lou Grant
    (All 5 seasons, Shout! Factory)
    Lucan (All 11 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    The Magician (All 21 episodes, VEI)
    Man from Atlantis
    (All 13 episodes + 4 TV Movies, Warner Bros.) MOD
    McCloud (Seasons 1&2 of 7, Universal)
    McMillan & Wife (All 6 seasons, S1- Universal / S2-6- VEI**)
    Most Wanted (All 21 episodes, CBS Home Entertainment) MOD
    Night Gallery
    (All 3 seasons, Universal)
    The Paper Chase (All 4 seasons, Shout! Factory)
    Petrocelli (All 45 episodes, Visual Entetainment)
    Police Story
    (Seasons 1-3 of 5, Shout! Factory)
    Police Woman (All 4 seasons, S1- Sony** / S2-4- Shout! Factory)
    The Practice (1976) (All 27 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Quincy, M.E.
    (All 8 seasons, S1-3- Universal / S4-8- Shout! Factory)
    The Rockford Files (All 6 seasons + 8 TV Movies, Universal** / S1&2- Mill Creek Entertainment)
    The Rookies (Seasons 1&2 of 4, S1- Sony** / S2- Shout! Factory)
    S.W.A.T. (Both seasons, S1- Sony / S2- Shout! Factory / CS- Mill Creek Entertainment)
    The Six Million Dollar man (All 5 seasons, CS- Time Life** / S1-5 + CS- Universal)
    The Smith Family (All 39 episodes, VEI)
    Starsky and Hutch (All 4 seasons, Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment)
    The Streets of San Francisco (All 5 seasons, Paramount)
    Vega$ (All 3 seasons, Paramount)
    Viper (All 4 seasons, VEI)
    The Waltons (All 9 seasons + 6 TV Movies, Warner Bros.)
    Wonder Woman (All 3 seasons, Warner Bros.)
    Young Maverick (All 8 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD

    #- Releases contain syndicated episodes, not original broadcast versions
    - Releases contain music edits
    **- Releases have been discontinued and our now out of print
    CS- Complete series release
    MOD - Manufacture-on-Demand release
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