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    Dec 2008

    Daytime Global programming

    Is the daytime broadcast schedule for Global TV
    available? I'm curious what will happen with
    100 Huntley Street now that it's moving to 11:00 am
    on its own station. Will Global shift its relay
    of the program to the same time?

    More interestingly, is the full daytime schedule
    available to read?

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    May 2006
    24 hours schedule grids are available for Global, CTV, /A\, Citytv and others on Simply find the channel you want and click on the link "Download this channel's fall schedule" which is located just under the primetime grid.

    Click here to check Global Toronto's page. It looks as though 100 Huntley Street will air weekdays @ 9am.

    tvviewer has posted the schedule in a text format in this thread if you prefer viewing it this way...
    Randi Dertzo

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    Dec 2008

    100 Huntley on Global

    Thank you for the helpful leads.

    I rather figure there will be a re-jigging
    of the daytime schedule since CTS has
    a later air-time for 100 Huntley Street.

    Perhaps the new ownership will decide
    otherwise about relaying the program
    altogether. That would hinge upon how
    soon programming changes could take
    effect with the new ownership.



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