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    How Stupid is CTV? Stupid enough to let MuchMusic air So You Think You Can Dance!

    Even though CTV plans to buy CHUM, right now they still compete. CTV's MTV goes head to head with CHUM's MuchMusic, so why the hell would CTV let MuchMusic air reruns of So You Think You Can Dance?

    So You Think You Can Dance, which is one of Canada's most watched shows will air encore episodes this fall on CHUM's MuchMusic.

    CTV owns the rights to So You Think You Can Dance, you think if they were going to have reruns air they would put it on MTV, NOT the station that competes with MTV!

    Even worse is that So You Think You Can Dance would fit very well with MTV and they need all the viewers they can get!

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    Ahh, but CTV's MTV is "music television" in name only, the station is licensed as a talk format still I believe .. otherwise they don't really have a place to re-air it.

    Producers are selling the OTA and cable rights seperately sometimes, this is probably what has happened here.

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    Ugh.. it's already starting to happen... reruns of BGM shows airing on CHUM channels

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    Well no, So You Think You Can Dance is a DANCE reality show, MTV is allowed to air it.

    MTV already airs a TON of MTV reality shows that are like So You Think You Can Dance.

    Also, CTV gave the encore rights to CHUM, the Producers did not sell the encore rights to CHUM.
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