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    TMN: new movies highlights 2010

    June 2010 Highlights

    June 17 9:00PM: Cairo Time
    June 17 9:00PM: Dare (MFest) [June 25 10:05 AM TMNHD]
    June 18 9:00PM: The Hangover
    June 18 11:00PM: American Virgin
    June 19 9:00PM: Law Abiding Citizen
    June 19 10:05PM: You Might As Well Live (MFun!) [June 23 4:05 PM TMNHD]
    June 19 11:00PM: Death In Love
    June 20 7:35PM: The Baby Formula (MFest) [JULY 14 9:15 AM TMNHD]
    June 20 9:00PM: Death Warrior (MExcess) [June 26 2:25 AM TMNHD]
    June 20 9:00PM: De Pere En Flic (MFest) [June 21 4:10 AM TMNHD]

    June 24 9:00PM: Amreeka
    June 25 9:00PM: Michael Jackson's This Is It
    June 25 9:00PM: Universal Soldier: Regeneration (Mexcess) [JULY 15 5:15 PM TMNHD]
    June 25 10:45PM: The Keeper (MExcess) [JUNE 30 12:45 PM TMNHD]
    June 26 9:00PM: Zombieland
    June 26 9:00PM: Were The World Mine (MFest) [JULY 1 11:00 AM MFunHD]
    June 26 10:00PM: Les Doigts Croches (MFun!) [No other HD airing]
    June 26 10:30PM: Diagnosis: Death
    June 26 10:45PM: The Butch Factor (Documentary) (MFest) [No HD airing, on MFest only]
    June 27 9:00PM: Walk Like A Man (Documentary) (MFest) [No HD airing, on MFest only]
    June 27 10:30PM: Training Rules (Documentary) (MFest) [No HD airing, on MFest only]

    July Highlights

    July 1 9:00PM: Moon
    July 2 9:00PM: The Final Destination
    July 2 10:30PM: Sorority Row
    July 3 9:00PM: Surrogates
    July 3 10:30PM: Live
    July 4 9:00PM: The Invention Of Lying

    July 7 9:00PM: The Age Of Stupid (Documentary) (MFest) [JULY 11 4:10 PM TMNHD]
    July 8 9:00PM: Capitalism: A Love Story
    July 9 2:45PM: The Road to Passchendaele (MExcess) [No other HD airing, MFest)
    July 9 9:00PM: 9
    July 9 10:30PM: Whiteout
    July 10 7:25PM: Planet 51 (Animation)
    July 10 9:00PM: Public Enemies
    July 10 11:30PM: The Bannen Way

    July 14 9:00PM: Art & Copy (Documentary) (MFest) [AUG 10 8:15 AM TMNHD]
    July 15 9:00PM: Taking Woodstock
    July 16 7:15PM: Love & Savagery (MFest) [JULY 17 4:20 AM TMNHD]
    July 16 9:00PM: 2012
    July 16 9:00PM: Flame & Citron (MFest) [No HD airing, on MFest only]
    July 17 7:15PM: Astro Boy (Animation)
    July 17 9:00PM: Did You Hear About The Morgans?
    July 17 9:00PM: Soul Power (MFest) [JULY 30 1:20 AM TMNHD]

    July 22 9:00PM: Coco Avant Chanel
    July 23 7:10PM: My Family's Secrets (MExcess) [JULY 27 3:45 PM TMNHD]
    July 23 9:00PM: Pillars Of The Earth (SERIES PREMIERE Eps 1 & 2)
    July 23 9:00PM: Armored (MExcess) [July 24 12:45AM TMNHD]
    July 24 5:35PM: Robsessed (Documentary)
    July 24 8:00PM: Black Dynamite (MFun!) [JULY 29 1:55 PM TMNHD]
    July 24 9:00PM: The Twilight Saga: New Moon
    July 24 11:15PM: Twilight In Forks: The Saga Of The Real Town (Documentary)
    July 25 9:00PM: The Stoning Of Soraya M (MFest) [No HD airing, on MFest only]
    July 26 6:25 PM: The Christmas Clause (MFun!) [JULY 30 7:45 AM TMNHD]

    July 29 9:00PM: Motherhood
    July 30 7:25 PM: The Boy She Met Online (MExcess) [AUG 7 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    July 30 9:00PM: Paranormal Activity
    July 30 10:30PM: Dolan's Cadillac
    July 31 7:00PM: Bandslam
    July 31 9:00PM: Fame (2009)
    July 31 11:00PM: Every Little Step (Documentary)

    August Highlights

    Aug 5 9:00PM: The Box
    Aug 6 6:00AM: He's Just Not That Into You (MFun!) [12:15PM on TMNHD]
    Aug 6 9:15AM: Closing The Ring
    Aug 6 9:00PM: Brothers
    Aug 6 10:45PM: Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
    Aug 7 7:45 AM: The Proposal
    Aug 7 9:00PM: The Time Traveler's Wife

    Aug 12 9:00PM: Everybody's Fine
    Aug 13 9:00PM: The Men Who Stare At Goats
    Aug 13 10:45PM: Wake
    Aug 14 9:00PM: Precious: Based On The Novel 'Push' By Sapphire
    Aug 14 9:00PM: Tetro (MFest) [AUG 18 9:30 AM TMNHD]
    Aug 14 11:00PM Mo'nique: I Could Have Been Your Cellmate
    Aug 15 9:00PM: Everything She Ever Wanted Part One (& Two) (MFest) [AUG 16 2:55 AM TMNHD]
    Aug 15 9:30PM: Women In Trouble (MFun!) [on MFun only]
    Aug 15 10:50PM: Bronson

    Aug 18 9:00PM: Big River Man (Documentary) (MFest) [AUG 19 3:00 AM TMNHD]
    Aug 19 9:00PM: The Young Victoria
    Aug 20 9:00PM: The Fourth Kind
    Aug 21 8:00PM: Ice Castles (MFun!) [AUG 25 4:45 PM TMNHD]
    Aug 21 9:00PM: Inglourious Basterds
    Aug 21 9:00PM: The Stepson (MExcess) [AUG 22 1:25 AM TMNHD]
    Aug 21 9:00PM: Valentino: The Last Emperor (Documentary) (MFest) [SEPT 2 7:35 AM TMNHD]

    Aug 26 9:00PM: Defendor
    Aug 27 9:00PM: The Informant!
    Aug 28 7:30PM: Old Dogs

    September Highlights

    Thu Sept 2 7:15PM: Seven Deadly Sins Pt. 1 (1h30)
    Thu Sept 2 9:00PM: A Serious Man
    Fri Sept 3 7:15PM: Seven Deadly Sins Pt. 2 (1h30)
    Fri Sept 3 9:00PM: Up In The Air
    Sat Sept 4 7:15PM: Where The Wild Things Are
    Sat Sept 4 9:00PM: Love Happens
    Sun Sept 5 9:00PM: Nine
    Sun Sept 5 9:00PM: J'ai Tue Ma Mere (MFest) [SEPT 6 4:15 AM TMNHD]

    Wed Sept 8 6:00AM: Seven Deadly Sins (3h) (MExcess) [SEPT 20 1:50 PM TMNHD]
    Thu Sept 9 9:02PM: Hachi: A Dog's Tale [No other HD airings, on MFest only afterwards]
    Fri Sept 10 9:00PM: Ninja Assassin
    Fri Sept 10 10:45PM: Stonehenge Apocalypse
    Sat Sept 11 7:15PM: Ponyo (Animation)
    Sat Sept 11 9:02PM: Couples Retreat

    Thu Sept 16 9:00PM: The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus
    Fri Sept 17 7:15PM: Goblin (MExcess) [SEPT 18 4:20 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Sept 17 8:00PM: Cheech & Chong: Hey Watch This (MFun!) [SEPT 21 11:00 PM TMNHD]
    Fri Sept 17 9:02PM: Sherlock Holmes
    Sat Sept 18 7:15PM: The Princess And The Frog (Animation)
    Sat Sept 18 9:00PM: Extraordinary Measures
    Sun Sept 19 8:00PM: Gravytrain (MFun!) [SEPT 23 6:00 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Sept 23 9:00PM: The Road
    Fri Sept 24 9:00PM: Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
    Fri Sept 24 11:00PM: Lesbian Vampire Killers
    Sat Sept 25 9:00PM: Dear John
    Sat Sept 25 11:00PM: Serious Moonlight

    Wed Sept 29 9:00PM: Grown Up Movie Star (MFest) [SEPT 30 2:30 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Sept 30 9:00PM: The Damned United
    Fri Oct 1 9:00PM: Shutter Island
    Sat Oct 2 6:40PM: Higglety Pigglety Pop (30 mins Animation)
    Sat Oct 2 7:15PM: The Spy Next Door
    Sat Oct 2 9:00PM: When In Rome

    October Highlights

    Thu Oct 7 9:00PM: Pirate Radio
    Fri Oct 8 9:00PM: Legion
    Fri Oct 8 11:00PM: District 13: Ultimatum
    Sat Oct 9 6:45PM: The Blind Side
    Sun Oct 10 7:00PM: The Stranger (MExcess) [OCT 11 4:10 AM TMNHD]
    Also - Mon Oct 11 10:30PM: Look (30 mins series premiere)

    Thu Oct 14 9:00PM: The Cry Of The Owl
    Fri Oct 15 9:00PM: Youth In Revolt
    Sat Oct 16 9:00PM: The Lovely Bones
    Sat Oct 16 9:00PM: Passenger Side (MFest) [OCT 17 4:30 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Oct 21 9:00PM: Trucker
    Fri Oct 22 9:00PM: Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage
    Sat Oct 23 9:00PM: Invictus

    Thu Oct 28 9:00PM: The Messenger
    Fri Oct 29 9:00PM: The Crazies
    Fri Oct 29 9:00PM: High Life (MFest) [OCT 30 4:40 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Oct 29 11:00PM: From Within
    Sat Oct 30 9:00PM: Daybreakers
    Sat Oct 30 11:00PM: Suck (followed by Down To The Crossroads: Making Of Suck)
    Sun Oct 31 9:00PM: The Collector (MExcess) [NOV 5 11:00 PM TMNHD]

    November Highlights

    Thu Nov 4 9:00PM: A Single Man
    Fri Nov 5 9:00PM: Leap Year
    Sat Nov 6 2:30AM: The Moment After 2: The Awakening
    Sat Nov 6 2:35PM: Crazy On The Outside (MFun!) [NOV 10 6:15 PM TMNHD]
    Sat Nov 6 7:35PM: Tales Of The Riverbank (Animation)
    Sat Nov 6 9:00PM: Remember Me

    Thu Nov 11 9:00PM: New York, I Love You
    Fri Nov 12 7:15PM: The Con Artist
    Fri Nov 12 9:00PM: From Paris With Love
    Sat Nov 13 9:00PM: Valentine's Day
    Sun Nov 14 9:00PM: The Greatest (MFest) (No other airing scheduled)

    Wed Nov 17 10:45PM: How to Boil A Frog (Documentary) (MFest) [NOV 25 9:55 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Nov 18 9:00PM: The Runaways
    Fri Nov 19 9:00PM: Edge Of Darkness
    Fri Nov 19 10:45PM: The Final Storm (MExcess) [NOV 20 4:15 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Nov 19 10:45PM: Fairfield Road (MFun) [NOV 23 9:45 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Nov 19 11:00PM: Unthinkable
    Sat Nov 20 9:00PM: The Bounty Hunter

    Thu Nov 25 9:00PM: The Boys: The Sherman Brother's Story (Documentary)
    Fri Nov 26 7:15PM: Seduced By Lies (MExcess) [DEC 1 4:20 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Nov 26 9:00PM: Chloe
    Fri Nov 26 10:45PM: Excited
    Sat Nov 27 9:00PM: Death At A Funeral

    December Highlights

    Thu Dec 2 9:00PM: The Last Station
    Fri Dec 3 7:30PM: Wandering Eye (MExcess) [DEC 4 2:45 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Dec 3 9:00PM: She's Out Of My League
    Sat Dec 4 9:00PM: Kick-Ass
    Sat Dec 4 10:45PM: Helen (MFest) [DEC 8 9:05 AM TMNHD]
    Sun Dec 5 9:45PM: Multiple Sarcasms (MFun!) [JAN 3 12:45 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Dec 9 9:00PM: Cooking With Stella
    Fri Dec 10 7:25PM: The Perfect Teacher (MExcess) [DEC 14 7:55 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Dec 10 9:00PM: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    Sat Dec 11 9:00PM: Killers
    Sun Dec 12 11:00PM Triage (MFest) [DEC 17 5:30 PM TMNHD]
    Mon Dec 13 9:00PM: Shinjuku Incident (MExcess) [DEC 14 2:00 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Dec 16 9:00PM: Gunless
    Fri Dec 17 7:15PM: Altitude
    Fri Dec 17 9:00PM: The Ghost Writer
    Fri Dec 17 10:55PM: Wild Things: Foursome (MExcess) [2 more airings on MExcess only]
    Sat Dec 18 7:25PM: Furry Vengeance
    Sat Dec 18 9:00PM: The Wolfman
    Sat Dec 18 11:30PM: Dog Pound (MFest) [DEC 23 4:20 AM TMNHD]
    Sun Dec 19 9:00PM: Me And Orson Welles
    Sun Dec 19 10:00PM: Accidents Happen (MFun!) [JAN 4 9:45 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Dec 23 9:00PM: Babies (Documentary)
    Fri Dec 24 7:00PM: Battle Of The Bulbs
    Fri Dec 24 11:00PM: Ice Quake
    Sun Dec 26 7:00PM: Alice In Wonderland

    Mon Dec 27 9:00PM: It's Complicated
    Tue Dec 28 9:00PM: The Book Of Eli
    Wed Dec 29 9:00PM: The Back-Up Plan
    Thu Dec 30 9:00PM: Green Zone
    Fri Dec 31 8:00PM: Not The Messiah (He's A Very Naughty Boy) (MFun!) [JAN 1 1:45 AM TMNHD]

    The above listing does not include HBO, MPix movies, series and adult movies. More movies can premiere at a different time on MExcess, MFun or MFest and therefor not appear in the above listing.

    Disclaimer: I do not represent nor have any affiliation with The Movie Network or Astral Media. TMN can apply change their schedule anytime.
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    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Does anyone know what studios tmn has deals with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottawasnowdog View Post
    Does anyone know what studios tmn has deals with.
    Most of them but Fox I believe, Superchannel has the Fox contract.

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    TMN/HBO /Mpix HD ondemand

    TMN/Mpix and Hbo is showing absolutuely nothing in HD on its ondemand services in NL and NB. Apparently they were upgrading for our be:mad:nefit a few months back and decided to take the HD content with them . It sucks!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelnikel View Post
    TMN/Mpix and Hbo is showing absolutuely nothing in HD on its ondemand services. Apparently they were upgrading for our be:mad:nefit a few months back and decided to take the HD content with them . It sucks!!!!!
    On tmn on demand there is a ton of moives in hd.Hbo ondemand has series such as boardwalk empire/call me fritz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottawasnowdog View Post
    On tmn on demand there is a ton of moives in hd.Hbo ondemand has series such as boardwalk empire/call me fritz.
    I just told you we lost all TMN/HBO ondemand Hd Content with Rogers IN Atlantic Canada !!! I never said Ontario or elsewhere.

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    How long before the "edit post" kicks in since SteelNikel's post mentions NL but OSD's quote of his post doesn't.

    Something's up here.



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