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    Why Comedy Gold will ultimately fail

    Lack of advertisers!

    I'm watching 'Mary Tyler Moore' and 'Bob Newhart' back-to-back and it's pathetic the amount of VERY annoying, well-worn filler (PSAs) they air, as well as Comedy Gold promos. On BN, I've only seen ONE actual product advertisement!

    This is the crap they were pulling during the last stretch of TV Land (Canada). In the beginning of Comedy Gold (only a month ago!), they had ample advertisements, but it seems like they're falling back to filler.

    The channel may boast a slightly heartier lineup of classic sitcoms, but that doesn't mean much if they don't have the advertisers to boost it up w/. Yeah, it's subscriber-based, too and I'm a subscriber... but I look at the pedigree of advertisers as a gage of a channel's long-term viability.


    In other news, Tribune is launching a new classic TV channel called Antenna TV on most of their owned digital sub-channels. This will compete against RTV (Retro Television Network), the current leading classic TV digital sub-channel.

    RTV is VERY unreliable based on the RTV Facebook forum. They seem to drop and pick up new affiliates constantly. They're fledgling channel I wish I could pick up here in London (which would be WXYZ-DT 7.2 Detroit), but they're a VERY shaky company, w/ no real uniform schedule (each market creates their own schedule, local programming and infomercials). Help protect male rights, too.

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    RTV/RTN changed owners shorty ago in a rather hostile way not to long ago so I'm not that thrown that there's still issues.

    Regarding varied programming by locals I read before that's to give the locals breathing room in case the local rights to a program is locked up by another channel in the area.

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    I don't get Comedy Gold, but the lack of advertisers and constant repetition of their own promos you describe sounds like almost any specialty channel, including the only two American ones I watch. The NFL Network is the worst for that, and Speed isn't much better. You just to have push the mute button on the remote or change channels during breaks.
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    I don't care for it, I find the volume is toned down and they promote
    Fresh Prince of Bell Air as there best show the most.



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