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    Allarco Entertainment saves Passions

    Canadian Passions fans will still be able to view their favorite soap once it moves to DirecTV this fall.

    Allarco Entertainment has picked up the Canadian brodcast rights to Passions, they will air the show starting in October when they launch. This October Allarco will launch 6 Pay TV channels.
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    I know, I found this out a few weeks ago myself, I`m really excited about it!!!

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    I just got off the phone with Allarco Entertainment, Passions will in deed be shown on one of their non-HD channels. Also, you will need to subsribe to all channels to view these ones. All channels can be viewed without a HD TV they just won`t be as clear. That`s what a representative just told me.

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    Rogers tells me it will be like the Movie Network, you subsribe to that one package and if you have a high def tv you can view those as well. If you don't have a HD TV from what I gathered and from what others have said(including Allarco) you can view them in standard definition.
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    Don't get too excited, I just got off the phone with Rogers Cable, they informed me you will be able to view Allarco's new channels on digital cable!!!!! That's remarkable considering that they need to subcribe to a satellite company in the USA to view it!!!
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    Did you expect it on analog?

    Cable companies in Canada don`t do premium channels on analog.

    1) Too costly to make a new tier setting for premium
    2) Lost profits in analog hacking.

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    Ya I don't think it will be on anlog.

    Oh jfoley, is your first name Jeff? Because I see that a Johathan Foley is posted on the site

    WE DID IT! YES THAT'S RIGHT, PASSIONS HAS BEEN SAVED IN CANADA! Passions fan Jonathan Foley has reported that Allarco Entertainment, a NEW Canadian pay TV cable network has picked up the Canadian brodcast rights to Passions! Allarco Entertainment will air Passions starting in October (the DirecTV episodes start in September, but don't worry Allacro Entertainment has said that they will air all the episodes)
    Now what is Allarco Entertainment? Well it's a brand new Canadian Pay TV Channel (just like The Movie Network, Movie Central, ect..) that will launch a bunch of channels, and one of those channels will air Passions!
    Now as for how Canadians will access this pay TV channel is unkown that this time, however according to Jonathan Foley Allarco has said that they are in talks with Bell Express VU, also it was Rogers cable TV that informed him about Allarco Entertainment, so it looks like Canadians with Bell Express VU & Rogers will be able to access Passions, once again nothing has been announced, so it's very likely that more providers will air Allarco TV.
    Allarco Entertainment
    Also I just want to thank Jonathan Foley and all the other Canadian Passions fans who sent e-mails to everyone from Global to Rogers to NTV to SUN TV to Bell. If it was not for you Passions would not have been saved! YOU guys have saved Passions in Canada!"

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    That's me. I'm Jonathan Foley. I'm the one that found this out. I was really sick of hearing about DTV and I didn't want to lose my favourite soap. I wrote a whole bunch of e-mails and received an e-mail back from Rogers who told me all about this. as soon as I found out I e-mailed all of the Global's across the country and told them all about it since they are currently Canada's home for Passions.
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    So they will definitely only be in digital and High definition and nothing else!!! Thanks for clearing that up. It's all good for me, I have Bell Express VU.
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    I believe Allarco is a must carry digital service so it should appear on most systems across the country at launch, only not all will carry it in HD and carry all their suite of channels.

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    Here's hoping that Bell picks up the Passions channel. Probably will considering it's the leading satellite company in Canada and that Allarco Entertainment told me I will be able to pick up the signal on Bell Express VU. this new channel will be digital and not HD that I do know.
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  12. #12 has just upgrated it's website, check out what they have to say about Passions:
    This is what they have written on their very own webpage now, check it out, I just read it for the first time:

    "If you're a fan of the hit soap Passions or the dramatic series The Closer, you should also take note: SuperChannel is the exclusive place to catch them in the fall."

    This is what has to say about subscribing to SuperChannel, although I just called Bell Express Vu about subsribing, my guess is that this info is for Sept. or early Oct.

    To Subscribe...
    SuperChannel will be available through all the major Canadian service providers, both cable and satellite. Please contact your provider of choice to let them know that you are interested in subscribing to SuperChannel in the fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfoley85 View Post
    Don't get too excited, I just got off the phone with Rogers Cable, they informed me you will be able to view Allarco's new channels on digital cable!!!!! That's remarkable considering that they need to subcribe to a satellite company in the USA to view it!!!

    I think your a bit mixed up.The super channel is not avaible at all in the states.

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    yes, I'm aware of that. I was referring to the fact that Canadians can subsribe to SuperChannel to watch to still watch Passions. People in the USA have to subscribe to Directv to watch it. I am going to subcribe the minute it becomes available.
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    Cogeco cable Digital service

    I have cocgeco cable digital service (ALL channels) just wondered if anyone has heard if they will be getting allarco or / superchannel in october?
    I don't want to have a friend tape passions for me and mail me tapes when i can do it myself.....any help appreciated



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