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    Jerry Lewis (WGN) on Starchoice

    Now why would a substitution of Rachel Ray be going over WGN's signal when the originating station is airing the Jerry Lewis telethon?
    "Frankly, you can take a good show and kill it by negligent scheduling and you can take the same show and make it a hit by brilliant scheduling. It's a real craft, and that wasn't practised much here because in private broadcasting up until now, the programmer's job was mostly to choose what to simulcast. The programming is effectively done in Los Angeles."
    - Ivan Fecan, Playback, January 3, 1994.

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    Aug 2009
    Was this on the WGN 9 local feed or WGN national? When I had cable I never saw any of the superstations blacked out however WGN America las a largely seperate feed from the local WGN.

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    Jun 2009

    WGN America Rules...WGN 9 Drules!!!

    I'd rather be watching WGN America over WGN 9...WGN America has a beter Retro Lineup on it and WGN 9 is all Talk and CW Crap!!! We have enough CW's available throgh WPIX New York and KTLA Los Angelas...but no MNT Networks(WWOR New York) available!!!

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    Aug 2009
    Agreed on the awesomeness of WGN America.

    Since it can be carried in Canada it's a shame that every provider doesn't carry them as the one allowed tier Superstation.

    It's stations like this that would have made me stick with cable.



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