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Thread: Hgtv Hd?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigoranget View Post
    The channel will also be available on Shaw and Shaw Direct shortly as well. Not sure if it will be February 17th or earlier or later.
    I thought Shaw Direct had no room for new channels, yet they are going to add this channel and right as soon as it launches?! This is one strange company, still waiting for CBC News Network HD, no room for that one huh- I guess they are reserving the space for Sun News Channel. ;)

    Actually I sort of like Shaw's stance of being selective in the channels they launch, HGTV HD & Food Network HD would be better additions then say YTV HD or Wild TV HD. I wonder if they will add any of the other High Fidelity channels?!

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    i like how Bell TV is , they added the FIRST ALL HD station Family . family HD even up converts old commercials or bumps ( minus the Blast segment ) YTVHD is pretty pointless but ive noticed more bumps being in HD. so lets just see whats coming up in the next few weeks .
    Canada lacks in HD. If you agree post this in your signature.

    CANADA NEEDS HD. We have nothing!

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    Shaw Direct is only selective out of necessity. Bell has way better variety of stations in HD compared to Shaw Cable or Shaw Direct. Shaw Cable customers are unfairly left behind so that the cable product offering is not too different then Shaw Directs offering. The only real difference between the lineups is Shaw Cable having locals in HD and Shaw Direct having french HD. The English HD specialty channel lineup is pretty much the same.

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    According to this, HGTV HD will launch January 31, 2011, on Shaw Cable:
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    HGTV HD will launch on both Shaw cable AND Shaw Direct on Monday.

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    HGTV HD is now up on Shaw Direct. Saw it at my friend's house yesterday. We'll be going to watch the superbowl simsub free over there later on today. Screw you Bell TV.
    Not available on Bell TV
    Animal Planet HD
    Science Channel HD
    Speed HD
    Sun TV HD
    Cartoon Net HD
    Travel HD
    OLN HD
    AXS HD
    Encore HD
    Superbowl commercials
    Skinny basic Bell package and internet tv.
    Waiting for BluSky HDTV.....



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