The Hollywood Reporter's Analysis on Premiere Week In The U.S.

Fall TV's first week: Who won, who lost

If the opening of the fall TV season has proved one thing so far, it's that comedy has reclaimed the broadcast throne.

After the genre made promising gains last season with the launch of game-changers "Modern Family" and "Glee," this year's first couple of weeks of premieres are forming a consistent pattern: Popular comedies are returning to steady or better ratings than last year, and top dramas are coming back to lower numbers -- sometimes, a lot lower.

Of the seven highest-rated premieres so far, five were comedies. There was Fox's "Glee" (5.6 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic, up 60%), ABC's "Modern Family" (5.1, up 21%), NBC's "The Office" (4.4, up 7%) and "CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" (4.9, up 4%) and "Two and a Half Men" (4.9, up 10%). Of the two other top premieres, one was a drama (ABC's "Grey's Anatomy"; 5.4, down 21%) and the other was a reality show (ABC's "Dancing With the Stars"; 5.1, up 24%).

The "Grey's" slump was not without company. Part of the issue is the oft-reported observation that many of TV's dramas are a bit long in the tooth. Veteran series "House" (4.2) was down 37%, "CSI" (3.4) -- despite a guest appearance by Justin Bieber -- fell 17%, and "NCIS" (4.0) was down 17%. .......