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    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Should we remane the "Canadian Networks" forums?

    Should we remane the "Canadian Networks" forums because of recent movements in station ownership?

    Today the forums are:
    - CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
    - CTV (CTV Network)
    - Global & CH (CanWest's Global & CH Networks)
    - CityTv & A-Channel (CHUM Television's Citytv and A-Channel Networks)
    - Independent Stations (OMNI, NTV, SunTV, etc.)

    For this fall I'd like to see the forums named

    - The Ceeb (Canadian Broadcasting Corportation -- Canada's public broadcaster)
    - CTV, ASN and A-Channel (CTVglobemedia's Broadcast Television Networks)
    - Global & E!Canada (CanWest MediaWorks' Global and E!Canada Networks)
    - Citytv and OMNI (Rogers Communications' Citytv and OMNI Networks)
    - Other Independent Stations (NTV, SunTV, CTS, etc

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    Yeah I like that.

    We have to wait though to see what CTV rebrands A-Channel too.



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