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    Survivor : China

    Well good on the Christian Leslie for backing out of the temple when she felt uncomfortable
    Jeff Probst : " this is a welcoming ceremony" Leslie "it felt more like worship"
    And I would agree with Leslie, at least she quietly backed out of the worshipping in the temple quietly unlike the N.Y chick Courtney who went through with the "welcoming ceremony" by mocking it and rolling her eyes at the buddhist rituals.
    Boy did Peih-Gee(P.G.) ever go on a power trip. UMMMM yeah real smart of Jean-Robert the poker player to go up and say to Todd " I don't believe you are a flight attendant and I think you are a sneaky person" I thought Todd was gonna say, okay would you believe me if I told you I was gay.(he is) Dumb move J.R. if Todd who looks likeable, forms a alliance, I can see him targeting you.
    Kinda glad the Chicken man went out first, I couldn't understand a word that man said.
    Oh and Ashley, those lip piercings, GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    CanView Guest
    Chicken was so stupid...

    I agree I like what Leslie did.

    I would do the same...that ritual looked a lot like worship.

    I shall never bow down to anybody but Jesus Christ, my lord and savior.

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    You just knew Leslie who was "kidnapped" by the other tribe would give the clue to Jamie as Jamie gave the clue to Leslie last week.
    But oh Leslie she comes back to her tribe saying she told the other tribe Aaron was their leader which made Aaron feel uncomfortable with the other tribe knowing this, than she says she got along with 3 members of the other tribe Sherea, Jamie, and Erick who are christians like her. Which made Aaron all paranoid that if they merge the christian alliance would vote out the others one by one which sealed Leslie's fate at tribal council.


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    Hey Denise, get scrambling, get scrambling - first you were the last one left when your tribe had to compete as two separate teams which forced you to sit out as the teams were even which meant no chance at the reward challenge for you than at tribal council you were the only one who voted for Phei-Gee where the others threw there votes to Jean-Rob or James.
    You are the odd woman out right now time to step up and set up a scenario where you can be the swing vote it may keep you in the game a bit longer at least.


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    Watched the Thanksgiving episode of Survivor last night and it was a darn clip show.


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    Okay, I thought for sure Denise would have taken Peih-Gee on the reward after all Peih-Gee took her to that temple where Denise had her Kung-Fu orgasm LOL

    Now when Todd's sister came out and told him there sister lost the baby and he was all verklempt I was like ummm didn't JohnnyFairplay pull this with his grandma and in the next segment there is Courtney saying " they should give him a Oscar" LOL

    But if true, at the Survivor Reunion show I hope they don't play that Courtney clip. YIKES!!!




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