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    TMN: new movies highlights 2011

    January 2011 Highlights

    Sat Jan 1 9:00PM: Clash Of The Titans
    Sun Jan 2 9:00PM: Hot Tub Time Machine

    Thu Jan 6 9:00PM: The Trotsky
    Fri Jan 7 9:00PM: Greenberg
    Sat Jan 8 7:15PM: Jack And The Beanstalk
    Sat Jan 8 9:00PM: Cop Out
    Sun Jan 9 9:00PM: Ondine
    Mon Jan 10 8:00PM: "Shameless" (Series Premiere)
    Mon Jan 10 9:00PM: "Episodes" (Series Premiere)
    Mon Jan 10 9:30PM: "Californication" (Season 4 Premiere)

    Thu Jan 13 9:00PM: Winnebago Man (Documentary)
    Fri Jan 14 9:00PM: Leslie, My Name Is Evil
    Fri Jan 14 10:45PM: Survival Of The Dead
    Sat Jan 15 9:00PM: Letters To Juliet
    Sun Jan 16 9:00PM: Perrier's Bounty
    Mon Jan 17 10:00PM: "Skins" (Series Premiere)

    Thu Jan 20 9:00PM: This Movie Is Broken (Musical)
    Fri Jan 21 7:30PM: Behemoth
    Fri Jan 21 9:00PM: The Girl Who Played With Fire
    Sat Jan 22 9:00PM: Repo Men
    Sun Jan 23 10:00PM: "Spartacus: Gods of the arena" (Series Premiere)

    Thu Jan 27 7:00PM: Walt & El Grupo (Documentary) (MFest) [FEB 4 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Jan 27 9:00PM: The White Ribbon
    Fri Jan 28 7:30PM: Dead Lines
    Fri Jan 28 9:00PM: The Killer Inside Me
    Sat Jan 29 9:00PM: The Last Song

    February Highlights

    Thu Feb 3 7:30PM: Kissed By Lightning (MFest) [FEB 4 2:50 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Feb 3 9:00PM: Holy Rollers
    Fri Feb 4 9:00PM: Splice
    Sat Feb 5 7:00PM: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

    Thu Feb 10 9:00PM: Year Of The Carnivore
    Fri Feb 11 9:00PM: I'm Still Here (Musical)
    Fri Feb 11 10:30PM: Elvis & Anabelle (MFest) [MAR 3 8:20 AM TMNHD]
    Sat Feb 12 7:30PM: The Spirit Of The Forest (Animation)
    Sat Feb 12 9:00PM: The Losers

    Thu Feb 17 9:00PM: Cemetery Junction
    Fri Feb 18 9:00PM: MacGruber
    Sat Feb 19 6:30PM: The Karate Kid

    Thu Feb 24 9:00PM: Thorne: Sleepyhead
    Fri Feb 25 9:00PM: The Expendables
    Sat Feb 26 9:00PM: Grown Ups

    March Highlights

    Thu Mar 3 9:00PM: Thorne: Scaredy Cat
    Fri Mar 4 9:00PM; Arn: The Knight Templar
    Fri Mar 4 11:00PM; Legendary
    Sat Mar 5 9:00PM: Get Him To The Greek

    Thu Mar 10 9:00PM: Heartbeats
    Fri Mar 11 7:25PM: Metal Shifters
    Fri Mar 11 9:00PM: Largo Winch
    Sat Mar 12 7:20PM: The Wild Hunt (MExcess) [Mar 18 4:20 AM TMNHD]
    Sat Mar 12 9:00PM: Eat Pray Love

    Thu Mar 17 7:25PM: No Surrender (MExcess) [Mar 23 4:30 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Mar 17 7:35PM: My Dog Tulip (Animation)
    Thu Mar 17 9:00PM: Feist: Look What The Light Did Now (Musical)
    Thu Mar 17 9:00PM: Held Up (MExcess) [Mar 29 8:40 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Mar 18 9:00PM: Undisputed III: Redemption
    Sat Mar 19 6:15PM: Free Willy: Escape From Pirate's Cove (MFun) [Apr 4 8:30 AM TMNHD]
    Sat Mar 19 9:00PM: Robin Hood
    Sun Mar 20 7:30PM: Oceans

    Thu Mar 24 9:00PM: Stomp The Yard: Homecoming
    Fri Mar 25 9:00PM: 30 Days Of Night: Dark Days
    Fri Mar 25 11:00PM: The Horde
    Sat Mar 26 9:00PM: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
    Mon Mar 28 10:00PM: "Nurse Jackie" (Season 3 Premiere)
    Mon Mar 28 10:30PM: "United States Of Tara" (Season 3 Premiere)

    April Highlights

    Thu Mar 31 9:12PM: Welcome To The Rileys
    Fri Apr 1 9:00PM: A Nightmare On Elm Street
    Sat Apr 2 9:00PM: The Other Guys

    Thu Apr 7 9:00PM: La Donation
    Thu Apr 7 11:00PM: "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" (Season 4 Premiere)
    Thu Apr 7 11:30PM: "Gigolo" (Series Premiere)
    Fri Apr 8 9:00PM; Easy A
    Sat Apr 9 9:00PM: Sex And The City 2

    Thu Apr 14 9:00PM: Best Worst Movie (Documentary)
    Fri Apr 15 9:00PM: Buried
    Sat Apr 16 9:00PM: Jonah Hex

    Thu Apr 21 7:00PM: Looking For Eric
    Thu Apr 21 9:00PM: 44 Inch Chest
    Fri Apr 22 7:15PM: Toy Story 3 (Animation)
    Sat Apr 23 7:15PM: Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore
    Sat Apr 23 9:00PM: Salt
    Sun Apr 24 7:15PM: Alpha and Omega (Animation)
    Sun Apr 24 9:00PM: The Switch

    Thu Apr 28 9:00PM: Nowhere Boy
    Fri Apr 29 9:00PM: Fubar 2
    Fri Apr 29 10:30PM: Lottery Ticket
    Sat Apr 30 7:00PM: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    May Highlights

    Thu May 5 7:25PM: Exposed (MExcess) [MAY 9 6:25 PM TMNHD]
    Thu May 5 9:00PM: Mesrine: Part 1 Killer Instinct
    Fri May 6 7:15PM: A Wake (MFest) [MAY 22 2:55 AM TMNHD]
    Fri May 6 9:00PM: Resident Evil: Afterlife
    Sat May 7 7:25PM: Flipped
    Sat May 7 9:00PM: The Kids Are All Right

    Thu May 12 6:30PM: Mr. Nobody
    Thu May 12 9:00PM: Monsters
    Fri May 13 9:00PM: Takers
    Fri May 13 10:55PM: Animal Kingdom
    Sat May 14 7:20PM: Disney's A Christmas Carol
    Sat May 14 9:00PM: Charlie St. Cloud

    Thu May 19 9:00PM: Catfish (Documentary)
    Fri May 20 9:00PM: The Last Exorcism
    Sat May 21 7:15PM: How To Train Your Dragon (Animation)
    Sat May 21 9:00PM: The Social Network
    Sun May 22 7:25PM: Shrek Forever After
    Sun May 22 9:00PM: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

    Thu May 26 9:00PM: Streetdance
    Fri May 27 9:00PM: Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, The
    Sat May 28 9:00PM: R.E.D.

    June Highlights

    Thu June 2 9:00PM: Foo Fighters: Back And Forth, The (Musical)
    Tue June 2 10:45PM: Enter The Void
    Fri June 3 9:00PM: The Virginity Hit
    Sat June 4 7:00PM: Nanny McPhee Returns
    Sat June 4 9:00PM: Going The Distance
    Mon June 6 11:00PM: "The Real L Word 2: LA" (Season 2 Premiere)

    Thu June 9 9:00PM: Jack Goes Boating
    Fri June 10 7:25PM: Another Man's Wife (MFest) [JUNE 15 8:45 AM TMNHD]
    Fri June 10 9:00PM: Let Me In
    Sat June 11 7:00PM: Step Up 3D
    Sat June 11 9:00PM: Burlesque

    Thu June 16 7:00PM: Bud Greenspan Presents: 2010 Vancouver Olympics (Documentary)
    Thu June 16 9:00PM: Small Town Murder Songs
    Fri June 17 9:00PM: The American
    Sat June 18 9:00PM: Inception
    Sun June 19 9:00PM: Fathers & Sons

    Thu June 23 9:00PM: Joan Rivers: Piece of Work (Documentary)
    Thu June 23 10:30PM: Amazon Falls
    Fri June 24 9:00PM: Devil
    Sat June 25 7:00PM: Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole (Animation)
    Sat June 25 9:00PM: Piranha

    July Highlights

    Thu June 30 9:00PM: Handsome Harry
    Fri July 1 7:25PM: Score: A Hockey Musical
    Fri July 1 9:47PM: Everywhere (MFun!) [JULY 12 4:15 AM TMNHD]
    Sat July 2 7:15PM: Despicable Me (Animation)
    Sat July 2 9:00PM: The Town
    Sun July 3 9:00PM: It's Kind Of A Funny Story

    Thu July 7 7:30PM: Stealing Paradise (MExcess) [JULY 8 4:18 AM TMNHD]
    Thu July 7 9:00PM: Ong Bak 3
    Fri July 8 9:00PM: How Do You Know
    Fri July 8 9:40PM: Running Mates (MFun!) [No scheduled TMNHD airing]
    Fri July 8 10:55PM: Mesrine Part 2: Public Enemy #1 (MFest) [JULY 14 1:15 AM TMNHD]
    Sat July 9 9:00PM: The Tourist

    Thu July 14 9:00PM: The Tillman Story (Documentary)
    Fri July 15 9:00PM: The Next Three Days
    Fri July 15 11:15PM: Hunt To Kill
    Sat July 16 7:15PM: Open Season 3 (Animation)
    Sat July 16 9:00PM: Secretariat

    Thu July 21 7:25PM: The Perfect Roommate (MExcess) [JULY 22 4:25 AM TMNHD]
    Thu July 21 9:00PM: Dorian Grey
    Thu July 21 11:00PM: Transparency
    Fri July 22 7:25PM: Metal Tornado
    Fri July 22 9:00PM: Rabbit Hole
    Sat July 23 9:00PM: Faster

    Thu July 28 7:15PM: A Shine Of Rainbows
    Thu July 28 7:26PM: Committed (MExcess) [AUG 5 6:00 AM TMNHD]
    Thu July 28 9:00PM: Wild Target
    Fri July 29 9:00PM: Skyline
    Sat July 30 9:00PM: The Fighter
    Sun July 31 9:02PM: Country Strong

    August Highlights

    Tue Aug 2 9:00PM: Dummy (MFest) [AUG 12 8:15 AM TMNHD]
    Wed Aug 3 11:03PM: Last Play At Shea (Documentary)
    Thu Aug 4 7:30PM: Obsession (MExcess) [AUG 5 2:55 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Aug 4 9:00PM: Made In Dagenham
    Fri Aug 5 9:00PM: From Prada To Nada
    Sat Aug 6 9:01PM: Life As We Know It
    Sun Aug 7 6:15PM: Faith, Fraud and Minimum Wage (MFun) [AUG 8 2:30 AM TMNHD]

    Wed Aug 10 7:25PM: Secrets From Her Past (MExcess) [AUG 11 4:28 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Aug 11 9:00PM: A Summer In Genoa
    Fri Aug 12 9:01PM: My Soul To Take
    Fri Aug 12 11:00PM: S.W.A.T. Firefight
    Fri Aug 12 11:00PM: Whirligig (MFest) [AUG 16 4:10 PM TMNHD]
    Sat Aug 13 7:00PM: St. Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold
    Sat Aug 13 9:00PM: You Again
    Sun Aug 14 7:27PM: Made: The Movie

    Thu Aug 18 9:00PM: Magic Beyond Words: The JK Rowling Story (Documentary)
    Fri Aug 19 9:00PM: Fair Game
    Sat Aug 20 9:00PM: The Green Hornet

    Thu Aug 25 9:00PM: Mr. Nice
    Fri Aug 26 9:00PM: Casino Jack
    Sat Aug 27 7:15PM: Tangled (Animation)

    September Highlights

    Thu Sept 1 9:00PM: Biutiful
    Fri Sept 2 9:00PM: Roommate, The
    Sat Sept 3 9:00PM: Due Date
    Sun Sept 4 7:30PM: Yogi Bear (Animation)

    Thu Sept 8 9:00PM: Red Hill
    Fri Sept 9 9:00PM: The Resident
    Sat Sept 10 9:02PM: Hereafter
    Sun Sept 11 9:02PM: Rebirth (Documentary) (MFest) [No other airing!]

    Thu Sept 15 9:00PM: Daydream Nation
    Fri Sept 16 9:00PM: Blue Valentine
    Sat Sept 17 9:00PM: Just Go With It

    Thu Sept 22 9:00PM: All Good Things
    Fri Sept 23 9:00PM: Vanishing On 7th Street
    Sat Sept 24 7:30PM: Gnomeo & Juliet (Animation)
    Sat Sept 24 9:00PM: Little Fockers

    Thu Sept 29 9:00PM: Simon And Garfunkel: The Harmony Game (Musical)
    Fri Sept 30 9:00PM: I Am Number Four
    Sat Oct 1 9:00PM: Barney's Version
    Sun Oct 2 10:00PM: "Dexter" (season 6)
    Mon Oct 3 10:45PM: Doomsday Prophecy (MExcess) [OCT 11 6:00 AM TMNHD]

    October Highlights

    Thu Oct 6 7:25PM: The Hit List (MExcess) [OCT 11 11:35 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Oct 6 9:00PM: Oliver Sherman
    Fri Oct 7 9:00PM: Somewhere
    Sat Oct 8 6:30PM: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 1
    Sat Oct 9 7:30PM: Bringing Ashley Home (MFest) [OCT 20 7:40 AM TMNHD]
    Sun Oct 9 7:20PM: Arthur 3: The War Of The Two Worlds
    Mon Oct 10 1:30PM: Arthur And The Revenge Of Maltazard (MFun!) [OCT 10 7:20 PM TMNHD]

    Thu Oct 13 9:00PM: Funkytown
    Thu Oct 13 9:00PM: Sniper Reloaded (MExcess) [OCT 14 12:50 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Oct 14 9:00PM: The Way Back
    Sat Oct 15 6:50PM: Tron: Legacy

    Thu Oct 20 9:00PM; The Captains
    Fri Oct 21 9:00PM: The Rite
    Fri Oct 21 11:00PM: Textuality
    Sat Oct 22 9:00PM: Insidious

    Thu Oct 27 9:00PM: Nightmare Factory (Documentary)
    Thu Oct 27 11:00PM: I Saw The Devil
    Thu Oct 27 11:00PM: Lost Boys: The Thirst (MExcess) [OCT 31 2:15 PM TMNHD]
    Fri Oct 28 9:00PM: Season Of The Witch
    Sat Oct 29 9:00PM: Battle: Los Angeles

    November Highlights

    Thu Nov 3 7:15PM: Sacrifice (MExcess) [NOV 4 2:40 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Nov 3 9:00PM: The High Cost Of Living
    Fri Nov 4 9:00PM: Shelter
    Sat Nov 5 9:00PM: The Dilemma

    Thu Nov 10 9:00PM: That's What I Am
    Fri Nov 11 9:00PM: The Mechanic
    Sat Nov 12 9:00PM: Limitless
    Sun Nov 13 7:35PM: The Mountie (MFest) [NOV 14 4:30 AM TMNHD]

    Thu Nov 17 9:00PM: Beat The World
    Fri Nov 18 9:00PM: Peep World
    Fri Nov 18 10:30PM: Virtual Lies
    Sat Nov 19 6:30PM: Quarantine 2: Terminal (MExcess) [DEC 5 3:15 AM TMNHD]
    Sat Nov 19 7:15PM: Sophie
    Sat Nov 19 9:00PM: The Lincoln Lawyer

    Thu Nov 24 9:00PM: Trigger
    Fri Nov 25 9:00PM: Jumping The Broom
    Sat Nov 26 9:00PM: Unknown

    December Highlights

    Thu Dec 1 9:00PM: The Ward
    Fri Dec 2 9:00PM: The Eagle
    Sat Dec 3 9:00PM: Priest

    Thu Dec 8 6:50PM: Look Again (MExcess) [DEC 9 2:55 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Dec 8 7:25PM: Repeaters (MFest) [JAN 6 7:45 AM TMNHD]
    Thu Dec 8 9:00PM: The Grace Card
    Fri Dec 9 7:05PM: Cross (MExcess) [DEC 10 2:00 AM TMNHD]
    Fri Dec 9 9:00PM: Last Night
    Sat Dec 10 9:00PM: Hanna
    Mon Dec 11 5:20PM: Soul Surfer (MFest) [DEC 25 9:00 PM TMNHD]

    Thu Dec 15 9:00PM: The Warrior's Way
    Fri Dec 16 9:00PM: The Trip
    Sat Dec 17 9:00PM: The Adjustment Bureau

    Thu Dec 22 9:00PM: Snowglobe Christmas
    Fri Dec 23 9:00PM: Jane Eyre
    Sat Dec 24 7:30PM: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil (Animation)

    Mon Dec 26 9:00PM: The King's Speech
    Tue Dec 27 9:00PM: Red Riding Hood
    Wed Dec 28 9:00PM: The Conspirator
    Thu Dec 29 9:00PM: Sucker Punch
    Fri Dec 30 9:00PM: Source Code
    Sat Dec 31 9:00PM: Beastly

    Some subscribers have no access to MExcess HD and MFun! HD, which is why the 1st airing of a movie on TMN HD is written between [brackets].

    The above listing does not include HBO, Mpix movies, series and adult movies. More movies can premiere at a different time on MExcess, MFun or MFest and therefor not appear in advance in the above listing.

    Disclaimer: I do not represent nor have any affiliation with The Movie Network or Astral Media. TMN can apply change their schedule anytime.
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    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    thats pretty cool to see this list.. you have great and hard work to find out the dates and times as well.. so first i wanna appreciate your work. before see this list i had too much trouble to find the timing to watch movie.. either on search engines online or from friends.. So thanks a ton for this thread..:)

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    Great to see a list of tmn hbo movies now we need someone to show the Superchannel listings and premiers! I guess the two services should be merged into one service for all of us and take the best of both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by InMontreal View Post
    May highlights are up!
    Do you think the netflix deal with paramount will impact tmn/moviepix?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottawasnowdog View Post
    Do you think the netflix deal with paramount will impact tmn/moviepix?
    Of course they will be impacted. Netflix has added a lot of content lately and at the price you pay for the service, why would you pay 20.00 for the same old HBO ,TMN, etc... content. Either they change their business plan or they will lose a lot of subscribers . I left these services because I felt it was a ripoff and overpriced ! Some others love HBO etc... but thats their choice if they want to overpay for something thats worth about ten bucks a mth, then add the taxes. At least Netflix is 7.99 even, taxes in, and its more convenient. Thats why Astral ran crying to the CRTC because they know what their future holds and consumers are getting wiser .

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    You have options!

    Quote Originally Posted by K-luthar View Post
    thats pretty cool to see this list.. you have great and hard work to find out the dates and times as well.. so first i wanna appreciate your work. before see this list i had too much trouble to find the timing to watch movie.. either on search engines online or from friends.. So thanks a ton for this thread..:)
    I never watched a lot of TMN or Hbo for that reason ,lack of time to watch and search what I want . Therefore never used the service a whole lot. Then there was ondemand that wasn't much better. I like my movies and tv to stream over apple tv when I want them . Netflix and Apple tv are a great alternative and its improving all the time.

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    Nothing much on specialty channels!!!!

    I am very surprised looking at the latest list of TMn / Hbo. There is very little to get excited about for 20 bucks a mth. I guess the streaming services are taking away business. Anyway I thought it wasn't worth the money before,after looking at the lineup its going downhill fast!!!!!! InMontreal still enjoys it at least!!!!:D

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    Do you have any suggestion?

    I made the list to help subscribers find new movies from the schedule.
    You don't like it? Fine, but please stop hammering your same arguments over and over in this thread, it's not helping.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    January 2012 highlights are up, but in a new thread:
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Is this list comprehensive or just your recommendations?

    If it is comprehensive it would be nice to get a ratings web page up and running so we can all find the good movies more quickly and skip the low budget garbage.




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