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Thread: Kid Nation

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    Kid Nation

    Anyone watching this ? It had hype in the late summer due to negative stories about child labour laws.
    But I like this show.
    Wow team yellow beats team green again. Just got around to watching episodes 1 and 2 this weekend and there is a old saying in Hollywood "never work with kids and animals" but I love these kids and those chickens LOL I would have been with


    inside the chicken coop roping the door shut so the chicken couldn't be killed by that kid from team blue
    after he found out about the gold star he really worked hard to win it in episode 2. And that team leader for yellow
    Taylor " I don't do dishes I am a beauty Queen" UGH!!!

    Sophia love her she wanted that $3. bike from the store and became a instant street busker LOL
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    Last nights episoed was titled
    DEAL WITH IT !!!
    LMAO Those who watched know why
    The 4 town council members and team leaders are
    Anjay(Team Blue) Mike(Team Red) Laurel(Team Green) AND Taylor(Team Yellow)
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    $20,000 Gold Star winners to date
    Sophia Michael AND Mallory and when she got to call home to her parents the conversation had me in tears.

    Only child who chose to leave so far was
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    CanView Guest
    I am really rooting for Greg, he so deserves the gold star...

    And I can't wait for next week!

    Their is a religious divide!

    Yes!!! Bring a Christian service to Bonanza!

    Note: I am a Conservative, Christian-Protestant-Evangelical, white, male, Republican, Bush supporter.

    Yes are types DO exist in Canada.

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    I don't think Greg has a chance of winning a $20,000 Gold Star as long as that 4 person council is still there. I wonder if they can be replaced ?

    *NOTE* : I am a Canadian Conservative, Monarchist, Anglican but for some odd reason I like Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton.



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    CanView Guest
    Yeah, Greg deserves the star, but that council won't give it to him, as long as the Red leader is on the council.

    I was thinking thats word...the council isn't very democratic, they should have elections in Bonanza.

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    Looks like next week Bonanza City will have elections for 4 new members of the town council but do the new 4 also become the new team leaders for the 4 coloured teams of red,yellow,green and blue ?

    $20,000 gold star awarded to Morgan

    2nd child to leave was Cody


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    CanView Guest
    I loved the religious theme!

    Let Christianity rein!

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    Funny the host didn't ask the kids if any of them wanted to leave in this episode at the town hall meeting. They chose toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, dental floss over a B.B.Q. feast. You'd think the kids would have been supplied those necessary items from the beginning.

    This episodes $20,000 gold star winner was


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    Voting results for Town council/team leaders

    Team Blue

    Anjay keeps his position in a vote of 7 to 3 over Olivia

    Team Green

    Laurel keeps her position as no one wanted to run against her
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    Team Red

    What a landslide win this was in a vote of 9 to 1

    Mike loses his position to Guylan

    Team Yellow yes that is Team Yellow LOL

    In a real close vote of 5 to 4 which is kinda surprising this should have been the landslide win the way little miss beauty queen acted.

    Taylor " deal with it ! " loses her position to Zach

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    CanView Guest
    Mike is such a loser!

    Ouch to his ego! lol

    Good riddens to taylor...

    And FINALLY Greg wins the Gold Star.

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    Ya you are so right Mike was the only one who cried about losing his position as team leader and town council member THAT BIG BABY !!!

    I knew you'd be happy about Greg finally winning a gold star westmanguy I didn't think it would happen though as long as Mike was on the town council so I was kinda shocked he got it.


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    Oct 2007


    I am really enjoying this show, Me i think this show will show the kids on how running a town is hard work. as well. as how working together is needed to keep the town running. i think tyler should not leave the show. I hope after this season they will do it again.

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    This week's $20,000 Gold star winner

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    Well in last night's episode we learned Nathan was home schooled and he would go on to win the $20,000 Gold Star in this episode. Nathan also states that he is different from the other kids. Hmmm maybe it is those clogs he was wearing they don't help matters. On his way to call his parents about his star win we notice his foot wear "green wooden clogs" where is he from Keebler Village ?



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    So the kids held a talent show and I don't know why Laurel didn't perform in it she had a great singing voice we learned at the town hall meeting where she did a great "amazing grace"

    So 40 kids started out on this show and I only have 1 kid that I really can't stand thought there would be more LOL anyways this kid gets on me nerves he does Jared

    Now throughout the series whenever this kid pops up I always find myslef thinking when did Yoko Ono arrive in Bonanza City LOL Alex

    And this episodes $20,000 Gold Star winner is Kennedy


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    the 9th $20,000 Gold Star winner was Blaine

    The 3rd child to leave was Randi


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    elections again for town council/district leaders

    Anjay from BLUE DISTRICT replaced by Greg

    Guylan from RED DISTRICT replaced by DK


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    Laurel from GREEN DISTRICT and in my opinion surprisingly replaced by Michael

    Zach from YELLOW DISTRICT (yellow) replaced by Blaine




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