DIY Network Canada’s Winter Schedule Launches January 31

On Free Preview And Available In 6.2 Million Homes Throughout February

TORONTO, January 11, 2011 – The new year offers a new start, so when revaluating eating habits, work-out regimes and lifestyle choices, don’t forget about your home. Beginning January 31st, DIY Network Canada’s new winter schedule offers creative projects, value boosting tasks and step-by-step information sure to convince anyone who’s ever considered taking on a DIY task that now’s the time. This winter DIY Network Canada will inspire more Canadians than ever before as the network will be on a free preview throughout the month of February making the channel available to 6.2 million Canadians.

DIY Network has three brand new series to encourage even the most hesitant homeowner. Each episode of Disaster House features host and contractor Josh Temple as he subjects a house to simulated storms and disasters to show homeowners what it takes to repair accident and storm damage. In Run My Renovation homeowners turn their renovations over to online users to make all the design decisions through online voting leaving homeowners with no say at all. Finally, proving that anyone really can take on a DIY project, 90’s pop icon and self-taught reno master Vanilla Ice (a.k.a Robert Van Winkle)and his construction crew renovate a rundown mansion and turn it into a jaw-dropping villa in The Vanilla Ice Project.

Returning with new episodes are: 10 Grand In Your Hand, BATHtastic!, Cool Tools, Desperate Landscapes, House Crashers, Kitchen Impossible, Man Caves, Renovation Realities, Rock Solid and Sweat Equity.

Brand New Series:

Disaster House (Canadian Broadcast Premiere)
DIY Network actually has the guts to totally destroy its very own house just to repair it! Disaster House suffers very real damage like dropping a half-ton piano from almost 10 storeys high, sponsoring the first sanctioned roller derby inside the living room and having Page, an 8,000-pound African elephant, help clog the toilet. These outrageous experiments accelerate the typical wear and tear a house incurs and mimic common catastrophes so viewers can discover what it takes to repair some of the biggest mishaps homeowners face today.

Run My Renovation (Canadian Broadcast Premiere)
In every half-hour episode of Run My Renovation, homeowners allow a room in their house to be completely transformed according to the whims of online users, who vote on everything from flooring to fixtures, cabinets to cooktops, and moldings to mantelpieces. When the votes are tallied it's up to our contractor/host, with a little help from the homeowners, to pull all of the elements together into an amazing room.

The Vanilla Ice Project (Canadian Broadcast Premiere)
Best known for his '90s music, pop icon Vanilla Ice brings more than 15 years of home improvement experience to this 7,000-square-foot Palm Beach mansion. In each episode of DIY Network's The Vanilla Ice Project, Vanilla Ice (a.k.a Robert Van Winkle) and his crew of contractors get down to business and renovate a different room of the home. He'll pound nails and call the shots in this room-by-room renovation.

For the full winter schedule please visit: www.diy.ca