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    Jul 2006

    Online Nation cancelled

    After just pulling in about 500,000 viewers (no that is not a miskate, 500,000 viewers) The CW has cancelled Online Nation.

    Get this, no show on The CW's Sunday night lineup is able to do more than 1 million viewers. This is an american brodcast network.

    from the 7:30PM-8:00PM timeslot where Online Nation was airing, The CW came in a shockling low 27th place, that's right 27th place. Even worse is that it was beat by past season reruns of America's Next Top Model on vh1. Once again i'm not making this up.

    For the entire night, The CW came in 25th place on Sunday. The CW's sunday lineup consists of CW Now at 7, Life is Wild at 8, and a America's Next Top Model encore at 9. reruns of tv's lowest rated comedy Aliens in America will air Sundays at 7:30 replacing Online Nation.

    Humm don't be surprised if The CW announces that the network is shutting down within a few months.

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    What ???? there was a show on the CW called online nation ?????



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    Jul 2006
    Oh and get this. since "CW Now" is pre-sold and commerical free, The CW is stuck with it for 52 weeks! That's right it pretty much can't be cancelled.



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