Hey guys!
I know this is very long but I think its a great idea so please don't bash and be open minded as I would you. Thanks guys

Ok so I wanted to put together a full brodcast day of YTV. I know it's impossible to have a legit full day of YTV because nobody in the world has that footage. But I can make it look like it. I am rippin old Zone's and snit Stations from Youtube along with old commericals and downloading YTV shows and episodes and putting them all together as perfect as I can to make it look like a full brodcast day. I am going to do the same for

One Saturday Morning On ABC
FoxKids! RocksKids!
ABC's T.G.I.F line up
and CBS's cartoon morning line up

Complete broadcasts, with commercials, tid bits, promo's, hosts and all!!

I plan on making a number of broadcast DVD's for each and eventually I will post them all on the internet everyday, I havn't come up with a name for it yet, maybe RetroWeekends or just leave it as it is so we can pretend it never went away but this is my idea.

This is when I will air the shows:

Firday afternoon - YTV various line ups from 1996 to 2000
Friday night - ABC's T.G.I.F line up
Saturday morning - Disney's One Saturday Morning on ABC (Illuminating television)
Saturday afternoon - FoxKids! RocksKids!
Saturday night - YTV's Dark Knight - After Dark - Dark Corner (It will vary)
Sunday morning - KidsWB
Sunday afternoon - CBS's cartoon morning line up

I'm not sure where I will air it, I think Justintv until I get a quality website fixed up and then my website until I get on public tv, then hopefully I can get a real station to take a look and maybe even my own channel.

if not atleast we can all enjoy the full broadcasts on the internet every weekend exactly as we did in the 90's. I will air the episodes and brodcasts in complete sequence so you can all pretend it never went away! Christmas on Christmas and Halloween on Halloween!

I need your help finding the footage!!! Websites preferably. I already have Youtube and it did wonders as far as finding commercials, host, bumpers and tidbits, Ex. The Zone or The intro to One Saturday Morning or in between episodes.

This is mainly what I need more footage of, if anybody can upload, or has any or knows any place where I can find some that would be great. I also need some places where I can find some rare tv shows. It's easy to find some like Buffy and Muppet Babies on Youtube but not so easy to find others like Mutant League or Freaky Stories.

HOWEVER I HAVE FINALLY FOUND 1 FULL EPISODE OF FREAKY STORIES! I was pretty excited about this as every retro junkie is looking for one. I will air this as well, but these are the type of things I need to find with your help. As I said it took me so long just to find one episode of freaky stories, I have put togeather a couple of YTV broadcasts since and quite a few One Saturday Mornings. I am working on some FoxKids as we speak but I need your help and it would be greatly appreciated. If you don't want help please don't bash just keep moving on but me and my friends are very excited about this idea.

Thankyou very much