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    Jan 2010

    Enough of Golden Girls, Already!

    Is this the demise of Dejaview for putting this show back on the air? aint this
    the same show that they had been on Prime forever! till the channel itself was
    renamed TVTropolis.

    Because, I feel like I'm watching Prime back in 2001.

    I hope this is off the channel in the fall of 2011 or Spring of 2012 we don't need this
    show on the channel like I said forever because I don't think it sells the channel good.


    We end up having to watch it on TVTropolis&Dejaview at least one network should take
    it off because I think that is wrong to have it on like that.

    If they have the brains to look at what other channels have for what and keep things different
    not including the US Channels would be pretty fair to me.
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    May 2011

    Keep Golden girls!!!

    I absolutely love this show!! It is classic and nostalgic, like three's company. Please ditch those ridiculous episodes of silver spoons, facts of life and saved by the bell. Who is their target audience with those shows????Anyone who did watch it when it was on originally, is not interested in watching a kidshow now! Come on now, bring back three's company and leave the golden girls on too!



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