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    Top 25 TV Broadcasters annoyances

    Had a few minutes to waste...
    List is about broadcaster behaviors, and does not concern distribution problems (like faulty simsubs)

    From most annoying to less annoying

    1) On-screen snipes with audio (noisy snipes), any type
    2) On-screen snipes covering up cast/crew credits, location, translations, or action happening at bottom of the screen
    3) Show censored (audio & video) after watershed hours (9pm to 6am)
    4) On-screen lottery results or next draw reminder during the show
    5) Early exit of live event and never come back (remember CTV Superbowl 2011?)
    6) Canadian station on standby for simsub opportunity (remember Global après-Superbowl 2011?)
    7) Movie/show edited for time
    8) Network logo with other show promo constantly there
    9) Opaque canadian logo covering up over the american one
    10) Cut too early for commercial or coming back late from a commercial break
    11) New episode dumped to another canadian network due to scheduling conflict or not airing at all for bad reasons and not rescheduled later
    12) Loaded amount of commercial breaks during movies
    13) Missing next week promo or extra footage
    14) Modified opening credits by the broadcaster (ex: show logo "on Global")
    15) Repetitive 2x the same ad on each commercial break
    16) Filler canadian shows only there to fill the quota
    17) Poker on analog sports channels, especially during primetime while a major game is scheduled on optional digital channel
    18) Specialties full of potential but running on the cheap by greedy corporate (ex: Dejaview)
    19) Specialties with original programming but lacking of HD feed (Space, Food)
    20) Same show airing on 4-5 other specialties from the same broadcaster
    21) Specialties shifting away from their specialty in order to target mainstream audience and suck at it (ex: MuchMusic, Dusk)
    22) End credits squeezed so much it's unreadable and pointless
    23) Voice-over during closing credits (what's next or don't miss other show tomorrow)
    24) Global TV's annoying voice-over
    25) CTV's annoying owl sound

    Anything I missed? Wanna order it or word it differently? Go for it!
    Last edited by InMontreal; 03-15-2011 at 01:16 PM.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.



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