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    Jan 2010

    Oh my god Threes Company is off Dejview

    I'm surprised of this move but they replaced it with the Facts of life for now.

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    Dec 2009
    Yes...I see that they finially gave Chrissy, Janet and Jack a rest for now however though they still had that annoying Come and Turn on the Tube jango still going last Night during a Rerun of The Facts of Life...say Deja about putting Kate and Allie on a much decient Schedule other than 4:30am Eastern Time!!!

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    May 2011

    facts of life and saved by the bell? Ppplllleeeaasse! I hate those shows!

    How could they possibly replace Three's Company with facts of Life???? Three's Company is hilarious and sooo nostalgic. It's classic. Next to Golden Girls, its the best show on Deja View. Please put it back on!!!!!



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