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    'Survivor: All-Stars' cast revealed?

    By Amber Dowling, TV Guide

    Rumour has it that 'Survivor 16' is going to be a second 'All-Star' season, and we’ve got the list of who will be there!

    All right please forgive me if what I’m about to reveal turns out to be false. But the more research I do, the more I’m willing to stake money that next season of Survivor will be another All-Star edition, comprising of contestants from seasons 9 through 15.

    In the past three interviews I’ve done with Jeff Probst, he has heavily hinted that this season — the last one he is on contract for — will see previous Survivor contestants return for another shot at a million bucks.
    In addition to the hints, something fishy is afloat at CBS and Global. Our weekly exit interview with the booted Survivor contestants has been cancelled this week due to “scheduling conflicts.” James, the last bootee on China is on this list.
    Could he be filming in Palau, where this season is supposedly taking place?
    Here is the list of Survivor All-Stars that I came across during the course of my investigation:

    Survivor 9: Vanuatu
    Eliza: 4th place
    Julie: 5th place
    Ami: 6th place
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    Survivor 10: Palau
    Katie: 2nd place
    Ian: 3rd place
    Jenn: 4th place
    Coby: 9th place


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    Survivor 11: Guatemala
    Lydia: 4th place
    Judd: 6th place
    Gary: 7th place


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    Survivor 12: Panama
    Terry: 3rd place
    Cirie: 4th place
    Shane: 5th place


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    Survivor 13: Cook Islands
    Ozzy: 2nd place
    Parvati: 6th place
    Jonathan: 7th place


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    Survivor 14: Fiji
    Yau-Man: 4th place
    Michelle: 10th place




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