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    Please take off Married with children on Dejaview, soon!!

    I am tired of shows in Canada being shuffled around like Seinfeld and Married with
    Children were on TVTropolis between 2006-2010 and taken off the network
    well it was ok then but Married with children was new to me but now I see it on
    Dejaview plus I own the whole series on DVD which is another thing why I want
    it off the air I hope it gets a one time treatment like Seinfeld got on Dejaview last year
    which would be nice.

    Can Dejaview ever come up with other 80's or 90s shows that havn't been on
    the air for like 10 years or so well you know i'm thinking of Family Matters but
    also something different that we havn't seen in a while and you call this a specialty
    channel when at times something like Threes Company and Roseanne showed twice
    on TVTropolis before which one Roseanne still does once per week. I am getting a
    little tired of Canadian Channels giving us crap for shows and not showing back
    to back sit comes well at least 3 in a row that are good worthy each week through
    the week which I miss and truly miss.

    If they seriously want to change TVTropolis away from Sitcoms just dont bother having sitcoms
    period on the channel because it makes long time sitcom viewers mad.
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