I did a long post but it said I didn't log in & was cancelled. Here's short & sweet.

I got internet cable to watch moto sports including SUPERCROSS.

On Jan.29th they cancelled the Oakland Supercross for the Patriots preview or something :mad:, it wasn't even the actual game - that was next wk.

I had the PVR recorder set but did a double check a day or two before & saw PATRIOTS. We are in Canada, & don't need to see that given that they showed the SUPERCROSS in the USA.
They are required to show the races, since they took the sole resposibility to show the 450cc MAIN EVENT (Speed Channel did the 250cc's). *(Yet CBS Can. didn't even rebroadcast) so we could see it.

This is an utter fail, & they CBS Can. should be held accountable.

Then Feb. 4th (Anaheim SUPERCROSS) got cut :mad: They did it again, but this time it was Golf, and it went over the whole race and even the US News.

Again CBS Can. has FAILED and needs a reality check. FIM SUPERCROSS 450cc or 250cc is not some small town pit race and needs to be shown the proper respect, let alone it's customers.

This was twice in less than two weeks SUPERCROSS was canceled :mad: for stick (be it a metal one) & ball sports. Given that, I say forget 3 strikes your out, 2 strikes & your out is more fitting.

CBS Can. get your :mad: together, or CBS should lose the right to carry SUPERCROSS or MOTOCROSS for the forseable future