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    Jan 2010

    The Ultimate Dejaview Rant Thread

    I thought this be a good idea to make a rant thread just for Dejaview well it could be
    stickied to.

    I feel like this is the worst time for the channel ever it doesn't feel like a specialty
    channel anymore.

    God... Golden Gilrs, Mash and Roseanne have to go...
    I also would put Married with children on the list to.

    Dam, my nights feel boring now every other night that Wrestling isn`t on.
    I just wish I could find something better to watch. But Dejaview channel is a
    specialty channel that freaking looks like Prime again.


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    Jan 2008
    As I said before, a "retro" channel have a LOT potential, a HUGE catalog of endless possibilities from 1946 to the first HD series in early 2000s...

    ... but Shaw Media limits itself to syndicated shows it can get for cheap, mostly sitcoms, makes zero retro canadian show acquisition (cancon is limited to whatever happened to and ad persuasion), makes zero promotion for the channel and let the advertisements and subscriber revenues fill in the cash register while the channel runs by itself on a video server in a closet.

    Pathetic when compared to french retro channel "Prise 2", which taps into quebec culture series and shows (Chambres en ville, KM/h, Fort Boyard), with classic american dramas (Star Trek, Little House, Dynasty, Mission Impossible), sitcoms, some canadian shows (Littlest Hobo)... classic movies... ya know, a channel that at least tries to attract nostalgic viewers and make the subscription worth it.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Dec 2009
    Yes I even feel Deja View has really lost it's edge and nowadays their programming lineup isn't so great either...I ask myself what about shows like B.J and the Bear, CHiPs, Sherrif lobo, Trapper John M.D, chico and the Man among others...and I ask myself this right now with Rogers recieving 2 license for 2 retro Channels will either one of them ever launch?!!! While were add it let's all rant about Comedy Gold as well!!! They are far worst than Deja View!!!



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