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    Jun 2009

    Finally Gave Up on Shaw Direct

    Earlier this month I finally gave up on Shaw Direct. I've been a customer since 2002 and was fairly happy for most of this period. Over the past few years I have grown tired of the weak HD channel line-up and obsolete HD receivers.

    Shaw Direct has been dangling the carrot that Anik G1 will bring many more HD channels for almost 2 years now. They have done nothing in the past two years to improve their HD line-up. Instead they have decided to just wait for Anik G1 to launch.

    It now appears that there may be significant delay's in getting Anik G1 launched which means Shaw Direct customers will have the pleasure of having 50+ less HD channels then almost every other major provider for the foreseeable future.

    I've moved back to cable where I now have almost 20 more HD channels then before and in a few weeks, that number will jump to almost 50 more.

    For those that might be considering Shaw Direct; here is the growing list of HD channels that they DO NOT carry. Don't expect this to change any time soon no matter what their sales people tell you. Even once Anik G1 launches, don't believe all these channels will be added. Shaw Cable is missing many of these channels as well. Both Shaw Direct and Shaw Cable have had a history of having a weak HD channel line-ups.

    Movietime HD
    YTV HD
    W HD
    W Movies HD
    NFL Network HD
    CBS Sports Network HD
    Spike HD
    Bloomberg HD
    HLN HD
    Turner Classic Movies HD
    Family HD
    Disney XD HD
    Cartoon Network HD
    Teletoon HD
    FX HD
    OLN HD
    Travel + Escape HD
    Wild TV HD
    WFN HD
    MFun! HD
    MExcess HD
    MPix HD
    Hollywood Storm HD
    Hollywood Festival HD
    Warner Films HD
    MGM Channel HD
    Out TV HD
    BNN HD
    Comedy HD
    E! HD
    MuchMusic HD
    CTV News Channel HD
    Discovery Channel HD
    Bravo HD
    Discovery Science HD
    Investigation Discovery HD
    Animal Planet HD
    Sun News Network HD
    The Weather Network HD
    Leafs TV HD (Full Time Feed)
    CBC News Network HD
    Bold HD
    Documentary HD
    CityNews HD
    AXS HD
    BBC World News HD

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    I can't blame you for leaving bigoranget, Shaw doesn't appear to be a very progressive company- they don't care about spending money to improve the service and add channels that people are demanding. The only reason I am still with them is because I signed up to one of the value packs that they used to offer and even with several price increases factored in, it's still cheaper then anything Bell or Rogers offer (my only other options).

    Do you know if Shaw by any chance might have an interest in selling Shaw Direct?! I think that new ownership is the only thing that will help resurrect this lackluster service and finally bring us subscribers the changes we have been waiting and hoping for?! I think that the people behind BluSky would be interested in buying Shaw Direct, if it were put up for sale?!

    On another note, is there anything new to report with regards to the new satellite- what is the expected launch date?!

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    Jun 2009
    The launch has been delayed until at least the end of December 2012; but it will probably be even longer then that. Shaw Direct customers can expect the same crappy HD line-up for at least another 6-8 months. I still believe even after G1 launches; the line-up will still be weak compared to other providers. Don't expect to see anything more then what Shaw Cable offers; as even their line-up is a joke compared to the likes of Rogers, Bell, Cogeco and Eastlink.

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    Oct 2009
    The launch has been delayed until at least the end of December 2012; but it will probably be even longer then that. Shaw Direct customers can expect the same crappy HD line-up for at least another 6-8 months.
    WOW, that is horrible! This is more reason IMO why Shaw should just call it a day and sell off Shaw Direct to someone else that is actually interested in investing in this service and offering a competitive product- SD with their woeful lineup is anything but competitive. The CRTC is to blame for allowing Shaw to own both a cable system and satellite service- someone was asleep at the wheel when they approved this move.



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