This morning HDNet was on channel 814 on ExpressVu until approximately 9:30AM Pacific, then it went dark again, switched into subscription mode then completely disappeared from the EPG.

Interestingly, the guide seems to show that the scripted shows on HDNet (Smallville, Enterprise, etc.) will not be airing in Canada but instead HDNet originals are airing in the timeslots the US site shows those series airing.

So, the good news is HDNet IS coming to ExpressVu, the bad news is it may be a slightly lesser version than the original service airing in the US. This would be a shame since we currently have no outlet for HD airings of these shows in syndication runs. I believe YTV airs Smallville reruns, they don't do HD. Enterprise is on Space but I don't believe CityTV is rerunning them in HD. Hopefully if these Canadian rights owners have no plans to air these series in HD they won't object to HDNet having the Canadian rights for HD airing.