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Thread: Big Bro 10

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    Big Bro 10

    debuts Sun. July 13th

    SUNDAYS @ 8pm EST.
    TUESDAYS @ 9pm EST.



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    tour inside the B B 10 house

    click the link, I love the bathroom it has a outhouse in it LOL THE kitchen is cool


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    Apparently in keeping with the theme of the house, BB is going retro with this season in terms of game play as well, sort of back to basics with no special twist this year. I think it'll be refreshing to go back to this style this year, something new that is really something old after many seasons of crazy twists. But in the end they prolly just ended up doing that this year because they didn't have time to concoct some twist because they just ended a season a few months ago and CBS prolly didn't give them as much time in noticing the producers that they were going to do another in the summer. All in all, well except for House Guest Dan which it looks like I'm going to have some issues with ;), looks like a good season overall.

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    I just finished getting the 24/7 internet live feeds at real player-super pass, right now we see the fish tank, the feeds aren't up until a little after Midnight eastern when the show is done its airing on the west coast AND wow loved the 66Mustang and 69Camaro that were up for grabs. Memphis won by the way and chose the 69 green Camaro. I like Ollie, Angie, Libra, Steven and the crazy gal Renny she's just out there and it makes her so interesting I hope she sticks around awhile will be fun watching her on the live feeds.


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    the ultimate floater award goes to OLLIE this guy has done nothing




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