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    CRTC decision on pick-and-pay

    By March 2016, Canadians will be able to subscribe to an entry-level television service that cost no more than $25 as an alternative to the basic services currently being offered by cable and satellite companies.

    • The entry-level television service will include:
      • all local and regional television stations,
      • public interest channels such as the Cable Public Affairs Channel and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network,
      • education channels,
      • and, if offered, community channels and the services operated by provincial legislatures,
      • it may include up to four American channels (NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox) plus PBS.

    • By December 2016, viewers will be able to subscribe to channels on a pick-and-pay basis as well as in small packages.
    • Cable and satellite companies can continue to offer their existing packages of channels in order to provide alternative options to television viewers.

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    I guess it's not surprising that the big conglomerates are waiting as long as they can to release any details about their skinny basic and pick-and-pay offerings, with as little promotion as they can get away with, much like their behaviour leading up to the analog to digital OTA switch-over.

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    CRTC Updated Guidelines:

    Skinny Basic
    ... only 25 calories or less (ask to see Menu for ingredients and pricing)

    Fat Bastard ... only 500 calories or less (ask to see Menu for ingredients and pricing)

    PICK your Nose ... Details Snot yet available
    PAY through your Nose ... Healthy Bundles and Theme Packs designed for rapid weight loss (1 pound = 2.02 Canadian dollars ... although exchange rate will fluctuate).
    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.

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    I can't comment on all providers but it appears Bell Fibe has started. Starting March 10 certain channels are being moved from the base package to time shifting. These channels vary from city to city. Here is the link If you have Time shifting you won't loose anything, although I'm not sure if the channel number will change or not. that I'm not sure of?
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    That's weird, I thought TVA Montreal has a special status to be carried on basic service all over the rest of the country...

    Now that Fibe has the 25-hours-or-so Rewind feature, timeshifting stations ain't necessary.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.



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