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    the amazing race 13

    the Amazing Race begins on Sunday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. eastern

    Terence and Sarah Dating Couple

    This couple has been dating for about a year. They are an odd couple of sorts. Sarah has an MBA from Wharton and works long hours on Wall Street. Terence sell real estate, but gets his kicks by coaching runners. Both are in very good shape, but are incredibly intense. Expect some yelling.

    Marisa and Brooke Southern Belles

    Blonde southern belles, that is. Marisa and Brooke are best friends, and want to prove that they aren't just dumb blondes (yeah, yeah....we've heard this before). Marisa is a Broadcast Journalism major at the University of South Carolina. Brooke is a graphic designer. They will either be charming or unbearable. There is no in-between.

    Andrew and Dan Fraternity Brothers

    Dubbed Team Superbad by the other teams, these two were frat brothers at Arizona State University together. Andrew is studying Urban Planning. Dan graduated last year with a degree in Tourism. Both enjoy having a good time. Obviously.

    Aja and Ty Long Distance Couple

    Having met at the University of Michigan, Aja and Ty fell for each other. But, for more than a year now, they've had to keep their relationship going despite living in separate states. Aja is an aspiring actress/make up artist living in Los Angeles. Ty works as a banker in Detroit.


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    Mark and Bill – Comic Book Geeks

    Mark and Bill met at a science fiction club 23 years ago and have been friends ever since. They remain proud “geeks” and have been bonding over comic books and video games since the moment they met. Mark is the more outgoing and adventurous one, Bill more introverted.

    Toni and Dallas – Mother and Son

    Toni raised Dallas as a single mother. The two remain best friends, even with Dallas currently enrolled in college. Both are outgoing, with entertaining personalities.

    Nick and Starr – Brother and Sister

    Nick is currently an off-Broadway performer. For the last three years, Starr has been a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Should be quite the theatrical team. The siblings rarely get to see each other because they live far away, but still consider themselves best friends.

    Anita and Arthur – Married Hippies

    This is probably my favorite team. They've known each other 26 years, and have been married for 14. They make and sell their own honey. They recently purchased a blueberry farm. Both are unadulterated hippies.


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    Kelly and Christy – Best Friends

    This duo has been friends forever. They were there for each other through their marriages, their divorces. They've worked for the same company, and have each remodeled their homes. Kelly is a sales representative, Christy a business developer.

    Ken and Tina – Estranged Couple

    Ken Greene, the former NFL safety, and his wife Tina have been separated for nine months, but are looking to get back together via the race. Ken is currently a home builder and Tina is a CEO.

    Anthony and Stephanie – Dating Couple

    The two are back together after a year long break. If they make it through the race successfully, Anthony says that he'll propose to Stephanie. Anthony is a mortgage broker, Stephanie a financial saleswoman.


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    dang it my faves Arthur & Anita the hippie beekeepers are eliminated first ARRRGGGHHHH
    AS FOR the mom son team of Toni and her hot son Dallas all I can say is move over momma
    so Terrence is what mad/jealous that his galpal Sarah was talking to others teamers that night they
    all spent at the rest stop HEY TERRENCE GROW A PAIR YA PU$$Y BOY!!!!!!!!!!
    gee how dumb of Andrew and Dan the clue says to climb stairs on your hands & knees than you
    will be asked a question when you reach the top wouldn't it come across any fools mind that the question
    would be how many stairs did you crawl up DUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE team I am rooting for now is Aja & Ty


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    .::radio operator to the tower TINA's coming in for a landing::. glad to see the other racers weren't buying her I run this airport act I got us all on a better flight routine.
    Christy & Kelly just plain stupid in this episode digging for a container on the beach when the container dealt with the other detour they didn't choose to do, than say we gotta read our clues better and yup sure enough they don't the next clue said to have your taxi wait for you at the road block they didn't LOL
    What was with Aja & Ty's cab driver running all those red lights ???


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    while the animosity within the teams seemed to dwindle some this week, the animosity between a few of the teams is amping up. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. I find racers who constantly bicker with their partners really annoying. But when teams are contentious with other teams, it gives them more of a spirit of competition.
    Wow, no airport scenes this week? Amazing! They even mentioned two planes, but said nothing about any time difference. I found that kind of odd.
    "Travel on foot" doesn't mean "take a taxi." It just doesn't. MARK AND BILL I don't think we've ever had a season so rampant with teams not thoroughly reading the clues.

    Man that one girl Kelly or Christy sure had plenty of wipeouts
    Those bikes used in the Bumpy Ride Detour were really rough. And to make them go down cobblestone streets? Yikes! Of course, wearing the feathered hat just added to the whole picture of doofiness. I'm sure that those bikes aren't a big hit these days. It actually looked kind of dangerous.
    Man did Mark ever suck the oxygen out of that tank seems the high altitude effected him more than anyone his Cholita (female wrestler) was starting to look p!$$ed at him screwing up the wrestling moves and having to go back and practice over and over.
    The Pit Stop Order
    1. Ken and Tina -- Won a trip to Mexico
    2. Toni and Dallas
    3. Terence and Sarah
    4. Marisa and Brooke
    5. Aja and Ty
    6. Nick and Starr
    7. Andrew and Dan
    8. Mark and Bill Received a thirty-minute penalty for taking the taxi
    8. Kelly and Christy
    9. Mark and Bill


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    Once again Terence exhibited his neediness tonight. I don't understand what Sarah is doing with this guy. As he's driving along, he tells her, "Can you show me a little love? Can you just touch me a little ... play with my hair?" Dang, she should have cuffed him across the back of his head and called it a touch.
    Another team Aja and Ty. Now, they've been a long-distance couple wanting to see if their relationship can last. Um, if Ty keeps calling Aja "Fidel," I can only predict a coup and Ty will be on the losing end. I don't know. If a boyfriend compared me to a dictator, I don't think I'd want to invest my future in him. And if he thinks she's so dictating, maybe he ought to flee the country.
    Other than a mini-brouhaha betwixt the Frat Boys, the other teams seem to be strengthening their bonds. Yep, even that nasty Tina with her Ken doll. Of course, if they keep winning everything, they'll have to get back together. What are they going to do with all the trips for two if they separate again?
    Neither Ty or Aja know how to change a tire? It's not rocket science, y'know. Do Marisa and Brooke actually think blonds are that rare in the world? Dallas lost some brights points with me when he had no clue where New Zealand is located. It's a good thing he has looks. I now know what a Gordian Knot looks like. It looks like it would make a good cat toy. I thought Starr was exaggerating about her injury. But it did look pretty nasty at the Pit Stop. Phil's father was a great touch. I saw Phil on The Bonnie Hunt Show this week and he said his father couldn't believe how long they had to stand there and wanted to put a jacket on. Phil told him they can't put on coats due to continuity. Hmm ... I never even thought of those kind of things.

    For the record -- the Pit Stop Order

    1. Ken and Tina (sigh) - won a trip to Rio
    2. Terence and Sarah
    3. Kelly and Christy
    4. Toni and Dallas
    5. Nick and Starr
    6. Andrew and Dan
    7. Aja and Ty
    8. Brooke and Marisa -- eliminated
    When we gonna have a non-elimination leg of the race was hoping it would have been last night as finally Brooke & Marisa were a blonde duo I could route for they didn't come across as snotty snobs like past blonde duos from past seasons




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