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Thread: PVR Expansion

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    PVR Expansion

    I had a spare 500GB hard drive laying around and figured I'd get an external enclosure for it for my parents upstairs HD receiver since it was Telus and you can expand them into PVRs with external drives. Hooking it up I thought it was a really nice option to have, suddenly their regular HD receiver was now a 1 tuner PVR and 500GB gave it 60+HD/450+SD hours of storage capabilities.

    So I get home, we're on Shaw and have the 6416III Motorola HDPVR which has a pathetic little 160GB drive in it. Needless to say I've had lots of programming deleted before I managed to watch it, including The Pacific. Well I did a bit of research of the latest Bell/Telus offerings, while I was at it though I went to the Shaw site to check out their latest hardware offerings, their new Pace HDPVR is 1TB but then I note they offer a "HD PVR Expander" drive.

    Which got me thinking, just what is that expander? So, time to search it out on Google. Well it turns out this expander is just an eSATA drive and it turns out you don't need to buy the Shaw version since practically any eSATA equipped external enclosure would work.

    Quick trip to the local Memory Express later and I brought home another enclosure like I'd purchased for my parents and a new 1TB Seagate, I've just increased my recording space capability 10 fold :)

    Kudos to Shaw, Bell and Telus for making this possible. Saves us buying new hardware and you can get a 1TB drive setup for around $110. Nice. :D
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    I have had the PVR expander from Shaw since December and I do recommend it to anyone who already has their Motorolla HD STB (3416).

    I haven't been able to figure out why I can't record anything from Encore Avenue SD with the expander connected, but other than that minor flaw it works great.

    They were first introduced at $200, but they were reduced to $150 around the Christmas season.



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