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    TV on DVD- The Lists: Sitcoms

    For all fans of classic television, I have compiled a list of all the great shows from the 50s-90s and their availability on DVD. This I hope will become the definitive source for those who are interested in retro TV and want to be able to watch their favourites again. It is clear that no one is interested in creating a decent retro channel so our only recourse is to try and find our favourite shows online or via TV on DVD. So here is the first list, featuring all the great sitcoms from back in the day.

    Beside each name I have listed the number of seasons of the show that are available on DVD and the studio behind the releases.


    The Abbott and Costello Show (Both seasons, Entertainment One)
    Dennis the Menace (All 4 seasons, Shout! Factory)
    Father Knows Best (All 6 seasons, Shout! Factory)
    The Honeymooners (All 39 episodes, Paramount)
    I Love Lucy (All 6 seasons, Paramount)
    Leave it to Beaver (All 6 seasons, S1&2- Universal / S3-6 + CS, Shout! Factory)
    Our Miss Brooks (Season 1 of 4, CBS Home Entertainment) MOD
    The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
    (All 4 seasons, Shout! Factory)
    The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (All 13 episodes, Paramount)
    The Phil Silvers Show (All 4 seasons, S1- Paramount** / S2-4 + CS, Shout! Factory)


    The Addams Family (All 3 seasons, MGM)
    The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (Best-of, Shout! Factory)
    The Andy Griffith Show (All 8 seasons, Paramount)
    The Beverly Hillbillies (Seasons 1-5 of 9, Paramount)
    Bewitched (All 8 seasons, Sony** / S1-6 + CS, Mill Creek Entertainment)
    The Bill Cosby Show (Both seasons, Shout! Factory)
    The Carol Burnett Show (Best-of, Time-Life)
    Car 54, Where Are You? (Both seasons, Shanachie Entertainment)
    The Courtship of Eddie's Father (All 3 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    The Dick Van Dyke Show (All 5 seasons, Image Entertainment)
    The Donna Reed Show (Seasons 1-5 of 8, S1-3- Virgil Films and Entertainment** / S1-5- MPI Home Video)
    The Doris Day Show (All 5 seasons, MPI Home Video)
    F Troop (Both seasons, Warner Bros.)
    Family Affair (All 5 seasons, MPI Home Video)
    The Flying Nun (Seasons 1&2 of 3, Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment)
    Get Smart (All 5 seasons, HBO Home Video)
    Gidget (All 32 episodes, Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment)
    Gilligan's Island (All 3 seasons, Warner Bros.)
    Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (All 5 seasons, Paramount)
    Green Acres (All 6 seasons, S1-3- MGM** / S4-6 + CS- Shout! Factory)
    Hank (1965) (All 26 episodes, Warner Bros.) MOD
    Hazel (All 5 seasons, S1- Sony / S2-5- Shout! Factory)
    Here Come the Brides (Both seasons, S1- Sony** / S2- Shout! Factory)
    Here's Lucy
    (All 6 seasons, MPI Home Video)
    Hogan's Heroes (All 6 seasons, Paramount)
    I Dream of Jeannie (All 5 seasons, Sony** / S1&2 + CS , Mill Creek Entertainment)
    I'm Dickens, He's Fenster (16 of 32 episodes, Lightyear Entertainment)
    The Lucy Show (All 6 seasons, Paramount)
    Mayberry R.F.D. (Season 1 of 3, Warner Bros.** / Warner Archive) MOD
    McHale's Navy (All 4 seasons + CS, Shout! Factory)
    Mister Ed (All 6 seasons, Shout! Factory) (s3)**
    The Monkees (Both seasons, Rhino Home Video** / Eagle Rock Entertainment)
    The Munsters
    (Both seasons, Universal)
    My Favorite Martian (All 3 seasons, S1&2- Rhino Entertainment** / S1-3+ CS- MPI Home Video)
    My Living Doll
    (Eps. 1-11 of 26, MPI Home Video)
    My Three Sons (Seasons 1-5 of 12, Paramount) (S3-5) MOD
    The Patty Duke Show
    (All 3 seasons, Shout! Factory) (s2)**
    Petticoat Junction (Seasons 1-3 of 7, Paramount)
    Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (All 6 seasons, Time-Life)
    That Girl (All 5 seasons, Shout! Factory)


    Alice (All 9 seasons, Warner Bros.) MOD
    All in the Family (All 9 seasons, S1-6- Sony / S7-9 + CS - Shout! Factory)
    Angie (All 36 episodes, VEI)
    Archie Bunker's Place (Season 1 of 4, Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment)
    The Bad News Bears (All 26 episodes, VEI)
    Barney Miller (All 8 Seasons, S1-3- Sony / S4-8 + CS, Shout! Factory)
    Benson (Seasons 1&2 of 7, Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment) (S2- Sony) MOD
    The Bob Newhart Show (All 6 seasons, S1-4- FOX** / S5&6 + CS, Shout! Factory)
    The Brady Bunch (All 5 seasons, Paramount)
    C.P.O. Sharkey (Both seasons, Star Vista Entertainment)
    Chico and the Man (Best-of, Warner Bros.)**
    Diff'rent Strokes (All 8 seasons, S1&2- Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment / S3-8- Shout! Factory)
    The Facts of Life (All 9 seasons, S1-3- Sony** / S1&2, Mill Creek Entertainment / S4-9 + CS, Shout! Factory)
    Good Times (All 6 seasons, S1-6- Sony** / S1-4 + CS- Mill Creek Entertainment)
    Happy Days (Seasons 1-6 of 11, Paramount)
    The Jeffersons (All 11 seasons, S1-6- Sony** / S7&8 + CS , Shout! Factory / S1&2, Mill Creek Entertainment)
    The Kids of Degrassi Street (All 26 episodes, WGBH Boston Home Video)
    The King of Kensington (Season 1 of 5, Morningstar Entertainment)**
    Laverne & Shirley (All 8 seasons, Paramount)
    The Love Boat (Seasons 1-4 of 9, Paramount)
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show (All 7 seasons, FOX)
    M*A*S*H (All 11 seasons, FOX)
    Maude (All 6 seasons, S1- Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment / S2-6 + CS- Shout! Factory)
    Mork & Mindy (All 4 seasons, Paramount) (s2-4)
    The Odd Couple (All 5 seasons, Paramount)
    One day at a Time (All 9 seasons, S1- Sony / S2&3 + CS- Shout! Factory)
    The Partridge Family (All 4 seasons, Sony** / S1&2 + CS, Mill Creek Entertainment)
    Rhoda (All 5 seasons, Shout! Factory) (s1)#
    Sanford and Son (All 6 seasons, Sony)
    Soap (All 4 seasons, Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment)
    Taxi (All 5 seasons, Paramount)
    That's My Mama (Both seasons, Sony)#
    Three's Company (All 8 seasons, Anchor Bay Entertainment)
    What's Happening!! (All 3 seasons, Sony** / Mill Creek Entertainment)
    Welcome Back, Kotter (All 4 seasons, S1- Warner Bros.** / S2-4 + CS- Shout! Factory)
    WKRP in Cincinnati (All 4 seasons + CS, Shout! Factory)

    - Releases contain music edits
    #- Releases contain syndicated episodes, not original broadcast versions
    **- Releases have been discontinued and our now out of print
    CS- Complete series release
    MOD- Manufacture-on-Demand release
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