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    Western Timeshift Specialty Feeds


    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I have a bulk (MDU) subscription to Shaw Cable. What gets me annoyed is that Shaw only gives me the Western (Pacific Time Zone) feed of may specialty cable networks except for Family Channel which they provide both East and West feeds. What is even worse is that these Western feeds air their primetime programming between 10pm and 1am which is way too late.

    I briefly subscribed to Movie Central once as feeds were based on Mountain Time which was a moderate benefit because its programming would air 1 hour earlier than if its schedule was based on Pacific Time.

    What I want is either to receive both the East and West feeds for all specialties that offer timeshifted feeds or for those West feeds to base their schedule on Mountain Time so a show will air at 10pm ET/MT and I'll watch it at 11pm CT. This is a list of the specialties that I get West feeds only: YTV, APTN, Showcase SD, TVTropolis, the Comedy Network and Teletoon. [Note: Shaw does provide me with the East feed of History (SD & HD), W Network and Showcase HD.]

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    I guess you named them all:
    APTN West
    Comedy Network West
    Family West
    HBO Canada West
    Showcase West
    Teletoon (en) West
    TVtropolis West
    W Network West
    YTV West

    Also, when TSN2 doesn't air original live programming, it's used as a 3-hours delay channel of TSN.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    TSN2 isn't a 3-hour delay of TSN anymore. It airs a completely seperate schedule.



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