Compared to DHC, is the best forum around.

Here's my story: Back in march while TVViewer was just pissing me off constantly, and following a few comments I read here about DHC, I told myself it shouln't be THAT bad, so I went there, subscribed, participated in a few threads, etc.

During summer, after a few messages I read about TMN subscribers complaining it's always the same movies in rotation, I started a thread listing the new movies of the month with weekly updates. Due to the forum's setting that you cannot edit your own message after 2 hours, I sent a private message to a moderator asking if I could get special access to edit my old messages. He replied to check the Feedback forum. In that section, a message says that regular users cannot do shit while "supporters" can do everything. I ain't gonna make a friggin' donation to access a feature, so screw it! I'm not gonna write a feedback in a public forum begging for a special feature. So I started a new thread here on

2 days ago, I posted a message about the season premiere of NCIS mocking canadians. The next day, I get a private message: "Infraction: Inappropriate Language". What? Message says "You have received an infraction for the following post because you have broken a serious rule on the forum." and the whole message I wrote was copy/pasted, and I lost 4 demerit points over a total of 10. Huh? Message fails to point out the offending word or phrase. I asked, got a cold reply with only one word: SHIT. Turns out, I wrote "Who wrote that shit?" in sarcasm reffering to the episode writer. Laughable, you can hear such expression every day on television, how could I have offended someone? Such prudes. I told them I'm a team player, so go on and remove 5 demerit points instead of 4.

Today, I posted a message in the TMN thread I started, and said I discontinue the updates due to forum limitations and recent events. 2 hours later, the thread is gone, disappeared, *poof*, and when I visit my User CP, I see the following message:

"You have been banned for the following reason:
No reason was specified.

Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

C'mon! They couldn't tell me in one single message what the offending word was, and now they can't even tell me why I've been banned. Lack of honesty, maybe?

So, I've been following Channel Canada for many years, registered 3 times throught the website changes over the years, subscribed to since 2008, we have great informations, great debates, piss-off contests over small details and points of view, and after all these years and all the conversations we had, I do agree that is a great place for TV-related conversations with such wide open freedom and so much relaxed rules, Thanks for being there. Kudos!