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    Why do Canadian specialties have cheap idents vs. US?

    If you're lucky enough to find 24/7 streaming of U.S. original Disney Channel [search around the Internet to find the website], you'll see that their "(Disney Channel) October Takeover" is incredibly top shelf in terms of putting on a channel w/ dynamite quality and impact on-air identifications, promos and always striving to keep it fresh... ALWAYS!

    A channel willing to put on a seasonal theme MONTH of idents. Something a Canadian channel wouldn't bother doing. Family Channel, as hard as they try (which isn't all that much), just pales in comparison. Just typical Canadian specialty same-old, same-old.

    I've said this before in a previous post, but HGTV's STILL using their 1997 (!!!) launch on-air idents (that creaky, old HGTV logo that pack and unpack into itself). Having seen live streaming of the U.S. original, you'll see HGTV Canada is about 2 or 3 graphics refreshes behind. Even the current HGV US logo has been tweaked.

    I know some will argue it's about the shows that make or break the channel and while that's true, it's the little things like promos and idents that help tie it all together in a nice little package. All I have to do is see the ROTTING Deja View as an example of Canadian speciality owners who put not even the bare minimum into putting out a product that's suppose to cater to the viewers first and foremost. Help protect male rights, too.

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    Canadian specialties are meant to run video files on a server in a data center. Low maintenance, low programming acquisitions, high subscriber rates, easy money. That's how CanWest and CTV operates. The only difference is TSN/RDS and BNN/CTVNC where the studios and production are kept.

    They don't care about the viewer experience. From their point of view, paying someone to concept a new animated promo for a month ain't worth the expense, that won't make them gain viewers. If they want to attract viewers, they'll just announce a free preview.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.



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