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    CBS Has Canceled MediuM

    Last month we reported that 'Medium' looked to be in trouble after CBS cut the Season 7 order to 13 episodes. Now, star Patricia Arquette says that the show has offically been canceled. (Again.)

    In an interview with 'Entertainment Weekly' Arquette said "we got canceled," and that the show only has two more episodes to shoot. She said she's still in the dark as to how her character Allison's story will wrap up for good, but that the writers are excited about it. "They're like, 'we're just going to burn the whole thing down!'" Arquette's not looking forward to saying goodbye, however. "It's been a great time. I love that time in my life."

    So far the suits at CBS have been tight-lipped about the show's future, but it's been dogged by falling ratings. CBS acquired the series after it was nixed by NBC, but this season's been averaging 7.1 million viewers, down from last season's average of 7.79 million. By comparison, it averaged 8.45 million when it aired on NBC.

    The supernatural drama follows the life of Allison DuBois (Arquette), a medium who consults for the Phoenix, Arizona D.A's office. The first five seasons aired on NBC, and the first season in 2005 was a success, with Patricia Arquette winning a Lead Actress Emmy Award. However, the show hasn't scraped into the Top 20 since, and it's been bounced around both networks' schedules, popping up in at least three different timeslots across three different nights.

    The show will, however, live on in syndication. It's been garnering respectable viewing figures over on Lifetime.

    'Medium' airs Fridays, 8PM ET on CBS.


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    ~ great, now I have no Tv show to watch on Friday nights . MediuM was the only show that I'd watch on Fridays .


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    [11/18/10 - 10:10 AM]
    Caron Confirms "Medium's" Cancellation
    By The Futon Critic Staff (TFC)

    LOS ANGELES ( -- CBS has formally pulled the plug on its veteran drama "Medium."

    "It's true. Allison Dubois will dream her last dream on 'Medium', Friday, January 21st," creator Glenn Gordon Caron said in a message posted to the network's Medium Community Forum and the show's Facebook page. "In what we believe will be a series defining episode, Allison and her family will stare destiny in the eye. And destiny will not blink."

    Said announcement had been expected following the Eye's decision last month to roll back the show's seventh season commitment from 22 to 13 episodes. Earlier this week, star Patricia Arquette made headlines after telling Entertainment Weekly she believed the show has been canceled.

    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    CBS has canceled 'Medium.'

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will come to an end after a seven-season run on both NBC and CBS.

    "It's true, Allison DuBois will dream her last dream on Fri 1/21," series creator Glenn Gordon Caron announced Thursday. "In what we believe will be a series defining episode, Allison and her family will stare destiny in the eye. And destiny will not blink."

    News of the cancellation comes after CBS declined to pick up the back nine episodes, cutting the season to 13 shows.

    Patricia Arquette
    told Entertainment Weekly that the writers are excited to wrap up the series. "They're like, 'We're just going to burn the whole thing down!'

    "It's been a great time," Arquette said. "I love that time in my life."

    While the ratings for 'Medium' have dipped, they're still stronger than many other shows that air on Friday nights. The most recent episode was seen by 6.8 million viewers.

    'Medium' follows the life of Arquette's character Allison DuBois, a psychic who helps her local district attorney's office as a consultant. The show is based on the real life of medium Allison DuBois.


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    CBS has pulled the plug on its drama "Medium," which now has the rare distinction of having been canceled twice.

    Series creator Glenn Gordon Caron confirmed the news in a post on CBS' online forum for the show Thursday (Nov. 18): "It's true. Allison Dubois will dream her last dream on 'Medium,' Friday, January 21," he writes. "In what we believe will be a series defining episode, Allison and her family will stare destiny in the eye. And destiny will not blink."

    The show's prognosis has been grim for the past few weeks, since CBS cut its order from 22 episodes to 13. Star Patricia Arquette has also been quoted as saying "Medium" is going away.

    CBS picked up the series after NBC canceled it in the spring of 2009. It joined the Eye's Friday lineup that fall and performed reasonably well, averaging about 7.8 million viewers per episode (including repeats). Those numbers have dipped some this season (to 7.3 million, all with original episodes).

    Based on Caron's statement, though, it sounds as though he and his fellow writers had enough lead time to craft a finale that won't leave viewers hanging.

    There's no word yet on what will replace "Medium" on CBS' Friday schedule.


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    Why did CBS bother with Patricia Arquette series?

    It’s no surprise that CBS cancelled Medium — series star Patricia Arquette let the cat out of the bag earlier this week, telling Entertainment Weekly that the network pulled the plug and only had two episodes left to shoot.
    But why did CBS even bother renewing the series in the first place? It was clear the Eye wanted to rejig their Friday-night lineup with some testosterone-filled programming. And the result has been mostly successful, what with Tom Selleck’s Blue Bloods and the long-running CSI: NY. But Medium as both shows’ lead-in wasn’t up to the task.
    The series aired on NBC for its first five seasons before it got cancelled, then switched over to CBS (for Seasons 6 and now 7), whose production division produces the show.
    Back in May, when CBS cleaned house — and pulled the plug on The New Adventures of Old Christine (still bitter), Cold Case, Numb3rs (which, personally, probably would’ve been a better fit with Bloods and NY), Gary Unmarried, Miami Medical, Accidentally on Purpose and Ghost Whisperer — it was a shock that Medium was renewed, considering its one-two punch with the Jennifer Love Hewitt drama. It would’ve made sense — and been the perfect excuse — for CBS to cancel Medium, citing a rebuild for Friday nights. But for some unknown reason, it stuck around.
    Fast-forward to now and Medium is the lowest-rated series on CBS, averaging 7.1 million viewers a week. And while that sounds like a healthy number, the network is the home of shows like Two and a Half Men and NCIS, which rake in much bigger audiences. In fact, almost all of CBS’s shows earn more than 10 million viewers each week.
    Medium didn’t produce the numbers the network had hoped for, even though the drama still won its timeslot overall, not to mention the coveted 18-49 demo. But it still wasn’t good enough.
    Five episodes of the show remain, for a total of 13 (down from the 22 the network initially ordered). CBS confirmed that the show’s last episode will air on Jan. 21.
    It's unclear what CBS is going to do with the Friday at 8 spot, but the network has dramas Chaos and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior waiting in the wings.


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    BOO ! to CBS-Tv for cancelling this great Friday night series . If they were going to cancel it fine but at least let it run out its full 22 episodes . On Friday nights, MediuM was the only show that I'd watch before going out for the night so now I got nothing from 8pm to 9pm to watch and I am surely not going to watch what ever CBS puts in MediuM's place .




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