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Thread: Kid Nation

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    The 10th gold star winner and $20,000 richer is Laurel



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    The 1st Sheriff for Bonanza City is Sophia

    the $20,000 Gold Star winner this episode is Hunter


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    The $20,000 Gold Star winner Alex

    Next week the season finale and the Gold Stars are bigger I am surprisingly gonna miss these kids and this show.


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    The finale was on Wednesday and I am gonna miss these kids so the last $20,000 gold star winner was Zach who was the big cry-baby last episode because he wasn't gettin no respect, ya ain't Rodney Dangerfield

    The big surprise was 3- $50,000 gold stars were gonna be awarded 2 of which had to go to previous winners of the $ 20,000 gold stars

    The big winners were Sophia who leaves the show with $70,000 I agree with her winning

    Morgan who walks away with $70,000 here I thought Laurel should have won

    and Migle who started to have a presence towards the end of the series leaves with $50,000




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